Women's Logic Memes


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Title: Women’s Logic Memes
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  1. My first date is going to be now in a half an hour.
    It was with a girl has a huge crush on me.
    But the problem is, i don't really like her the same and treat her just like a friend.
    I really don't know what to say to her, should i lie that i like her too, or say to her the truth?

  2. Don't try to understand a girl .
    Just try understanding maths atleast maths will help us in future but if u understand even a single thing about girls they will update in a sec

  3. Bro…I din think itvwas memes …..it was like …….somewhat uncomfortable ….for watching..this Sorry for saying

  4. I would talk about ya know how sexist this is but, i'd prob get argued with of how i can't take a joke. Sterotypes suck, most girls i know aren't like this. Maybe I'm being dramatic but hey, who cares.

  5. Can someone explain to me?!?!?
    My girlfriend used to be really nice and asked me out and she even stated that she was crazy for me, so I said yes and I was really excited.

    Almost a year later she is ignoring me and each time I call her out she says it’s because she is tired but always has the energy to talk to anyone and hug or cuddle with any other guy even my best friends. I asked her if she stopped liking me that she could break up with me and I wouldn’t be mad but she says no she is just tired. So one day I started this conversation about her always ignoring me and never talks on dates, and how she always hangs out with other men like all the time and she turned it into an argument saying how it’s my fault for always surprising her with hugs from behind?!? That’s the reason why she is losing interest in me?!?! She stopped talking midway or me being right and She ignored me for a month and then I broke with her and she is dating that guy she was always too close with. I DON’T SEE A WAY HOW I COULD BE WRONG IN ANY UNIVERSE!

  6. 3:59 I have the answer in the first case she was gonna eat hers and then yours but in the second case she wanted just one order of fries


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