Whoa, I Remember: Arthur's Birthday


(Living Books) (1994)

Arthur’s Birthday is even more fun with learning activities and a host of clickables. Arthur is having a big birthday party on Saturday and all his friends are invited. What will he do when he finds out that Muffy is having a party at the same time? Living Books brings you this favorite interactive storybook in a format that’s engaging for kids of all ages. Each page is like being a part of the story. Click on any word to hear it read aloud or click on the gift to have the whole page read to you. The Great Gift Mystery: D.W. has pulled the tags off of Arthur’s gifts and it’s up to you to use the clues to match up Arthur’s gifts to their givers. If you can figure it out Arthur may invite you to open one of the gifts yourself! Pin The Tail On The Donkey: The object of this game is to pin the tail closer to the target than your opponent. To make the game even more challenging the donkey dances around to the music of your choice from an onscreen selection. If this sounds easy to you try finding the donkey’s tail with the onscreen “lights” turned off or speeding up the music. Watch the donkey react as you try to pin the tail and miss! Compete against Arthur or another player.

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