[TAS] SNES Disney's Goof Troop by Randil & mmbossman in 16:36.57


This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see TAS originally published on 2008-01-09.

Goof Troop (1993) is a cheerful puzzle game based on Disney show of the same name. The gameplay is somewhat similar to NES Legend of Zelda with its maze-like map filled with one-screen rooms, except this time the emphasis on puzzles is stronger, and you can play in co-op.

In this movie the authors control two characters (Goofy and Max) simultaneously. This allows for a good deal of team work as one character can go get an item while the other heads for the exit. When there is no multi-tasking to do, the authors do a good job performing antics with one or both of the characters.

This is a nearly 4 minute improvement over Frenom’s previous ( movie. Improvements come from new tricks, better teamwork, luck manipulation and optimized movements.

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  1. Aweasome!! Look at 11:1 , they hit themselves, and loses the itens to hit the boss!! Why a speedrunning TAS would do this? Very curious and amazing see a TAS doing this

  2. World leaders:" we are getting attacked by an army of aliens with millions of years tech advance ahead of us!"
    Goofy&max:" any barrels left?"

  3. I can barely believe the sheer number of details this game rips off from A Link to the Past. The "castle" looks just like an amalgam of ALttP dungeons, complete with nearly-exact floor maps and styles, cracked "bombable" walls, throwing pots, the dungeon trap known in ALttP simply as "Trap" (look it up), and the one known as "Ball" (the larger one is "Gargantuan Ball")… I'm only getting started. Both the exact mechanics, the exact traps and enemies, the exact room setups, and the exact art flourishes are pulled straight out of A Link to the Past with no shame.

    I do like what I see in this game, but the obvious ripping-off is impossible for me to not notice.


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