Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES Video Game) James & Mike


Taboo The Sixth Sense (NES) Like James & Mike Mondays? See more game playthroughs with Mike on Twitch!

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  1. Like James & Mike Mondays? See more game playthroughs with Mike on Twitch!

  2. imagine renting this piece of shit for the weekend….. then also imagine paying for this game……. and finally imagine this being the game that you had when someone bought you, your NES. One of the two videos stores actually had this I stayed away from it…… as well Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the game cover looked fucking lame to me and I never rented it.

  3. One of the strangest games on the NES? More like one of the strangest games in history. How the hell can someone make a game that tells the future? This game has creepy pasta written all over it.

  4. the game contains nudity? where? no wait, don't tell me, it's inside the fucking cart!

    Mom: "stop looking at that 6502 processor, you'll go blind"

  5. "you shouldn't be under 14?"

    You mean the game is so bad that it actively warns people of it's crappiness?

  6. So, basically, it's a virtual tarot card reader?

    This is fucking terrible. No wonder I had no idea what this was about when I was a kid.

  7. What the tarot cars told them: "Relax, just play this game, fear will only make it stronger. When you understand that, you'll realize what you already knew: This pseudogame is trash."

  8. I rented this a few times and never got it. It was in a clear case with no manual and no sticker on the back.

  9. Commercialized wiccanism, 80s style. You thought a Walmart oujii board was exciting? Try tarot on NES! You'll be possessed with a spirit..
    of fun.

  10. it predicted a handful of players death thats why this game has been pulled from shelves in other countries

  11. I had the misfortune of renting this as a kid. Was so pissed off that I wasted my weekend game rental on shit. I wish they had stuck to the "14 and older" warning but obviously the movie store by my house didn't look into games or they wouldn't be renting this shit.

  12. Always saw this at the rental store but knew it was poison. This game has always had my​ vote for worst NES game.

  13. The game actually did answer their question. James and Mike just don't understand Tarot very well. Not many people do. However this is just a computer program in a game cart and sadly, all the cards and meaning have the same descriptions and they don't change, like they would in real life.

    I think this game was made to get people into the idea of Tarot and to touch curiosities. If somebody back in 1988 or 1989 went and bought a deck of Tarot cards and read up on it after playing this game, than the developers succeeded in their intent.

  14. This is actually a gem,
    it accomplished it's goals completely, and sounds and looks great.
    How can you knock it?

  15. So wait a second…
    How do you play
    "Right now you are nice and comfy", "the problem is you have no idea what you want", "but actually you just want to feel powerful" and finally "that should help you with understanding".
    So basically… "Since you have food on your platter, and life is good, you find yourself without goals or hardships, but you want to feel like you are great and you matter, so thats how you play the games?"
    Or maybe i am digging it too deep


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