Taboo: The Sixth Sense – Can a Video Game Tell the Future? – Design Documentary


A NES game claims that it can tell the future, but how is that even possible? Is there a secret behind it’s uncanny predictions or is it all just smoke and mirrors? And does SoberDwarf’s question come true? Everything you wanted to know about Taboo: The Sixth Sense is here in the first NES game covered by Design Documentaries!

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  1. God, you're such a fucking neckbeard! We love you though Sober, and hope you guys will be happy together and meet soon. Great video.

  2. Hit or miss
    I guess they never miss huh
    You got a boyfriend
    I bet he doesn't kiss ya
    He gonna find another girl
    And he will miss ya
    He gonna hit the dab
    Like wiz khalifa

  3. i used to hang over this all night memorizing the deck etc.. i even found the secret floating skulls that replace the cursor after looong nights playing it over and over.. dont question me.. find them for yourself! its quite a pleasant surprise.. but a little warning. this game had brought some sadness into my life as well.. the predictions like with a real deck.. can at times seem shockingly close when remembered later. my advice would be read a good wiki on banishing before you play so if you were to get a baddie in your house you might get him/it out before it wrecks too much havoc on your poor mortal life.

  4. So how are things between you and the lady friend? Going strong? I've had a long distant relationship though it didn't start that way, we "were" together for around 8-9yrs, married for the last 6 of that, once I enlisted there were a few times I was gone for a while and the very first damn time I left her sister sent a picture of her with another guy to my mom who sent it to me. I should've left her then but for some reason I waited a few years before doing it. It happens to alot of people in the Military and causes quite a few suicides but hopefully you've got a good one

  5. Hey SoberDwarf I would love to see you talk about Spec Ops The Line and the way it can trick the player and make you feel bad for just simply playing it ( In a good way , not in a low quality way )

  6. I never heard of this game, even in my old NES days back in the late 80s/early 90s. Looks interesting and it was cool learning about it. And asking if there will be a third Bushido Blade would have been one of my first questions as well. lol I also liked the personal long distance romance part at the end, and it's especially cool that it wasn't scripted (which I read you mentioned in one of your comments). It brought back memories of when I had long distance online romances, though back in my day, the programs didn't show when they were typing since it was the late 90s/early 2000s. I can only imagine how nervous one must feel waiting for a reply when it shows they are typing. When I waited for a reply back in my day of online romances, I had no idea if she was typing or not, so it wasn't quite as nerve-racking waiting for a reply. But anyway, again I love these personal touches in your gaming videos; they are very creative. Great job man and best of wishes with the relationship!

  7. Boy that ending brings me back.
    I've got a a lot of experience in long distance relationships and there is only one thing that is always absolutely true about them.
    Forget about all the romantic lies you hear and think about it. The only way to have a long distance relationship work is to stop it from being long distance ASAP. Remember that feeling your get when you see she's typing a sweet message to you and put that energy to work in order to be able to be physically close. Best of luck to you too

  8. I was legitimately expecting her to respond "lol no." as the sound of a record scratching played, you just shouting "ARGH SHIT" and just leaving the room. Would've been a way more comical ending to the video 😛

  9. awwwwww… I know these two and I didn't even know.

    I'm sure I had comments, but I'm too adorbized to remember them. Thats a word now.

  10. Really dig your channel and your taste in games, great video. I pop this game in every once in awhile for fun, and always share it with others because it is such a novelty. No matter how many times you ask it the same question it will always give you a different answer…or however much you could consider vague suggestions an answer, lol.

  11. what about your evil clone? he is male.

    you know that song "i would walk a thousand miles just to see you"?
    get walking drawf

  12. You know the game wasn't released in 2016 because there's only two gender choices.

    By the way, is that another naked woman riding a lion at 17:02 ? You don't see that every day ever in your life!


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