SURGICAL CRIMES AGAINST NATURE! — Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations (Part #16) (Android Phone Game)


Woo! Amateur Surgeon 4 time! Did you think Doc Bleed’s clone was the only infraction against nature lurking in this sub-basement of scientific horrors? Nope. There’s some other stuff in here. Weird stuff. People stitched together from various other people and then inserted into…something that looks kinda-sorta like a person. We can’t right these wrongs against the universe, but we sure can stitch ’em back up and make them live in horrifying suffering again! BUT WHY??? Let’s play Amateur Surgeon 4!

SURGICAL CRIMES AGAINST NATURE! — Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations (Part #16) (Android Phone Game)

And if you have any questions about any Amateur Surgeon 4 surgery please let us know in the comments below 😀

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Google Play description of Amateur Surgeon 4:

Perform Surgery on over 100 patients with household tools in Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations!
It’s time to grab your trusty pizza cutter, and start the operation!

Doctor Bleed, pioneer of amateur surgery, is back from the dead. Help him solve the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he spans the globe looking for answers, and saves some unwitting lives along the way.

* Play doctor with more than 100 patients to cut open & operate on!
* Operate on Eyes, Brains, Hearts, Lungs, Robots, Bears, Giant Squids…and more!
* Recruit more than 30 partners with unique and weird special abilities!
* Take on Field Hospital survival mode with high speed surgery!
* Compete against your friends for high scores and achievements!

Take on classic levels from Amateur Surgeon 1-3, remastered and retooled, along with all new operations and a unique story.

Discover more about the history of Alan Probe & Doctor Bleed & the “Bleed Everywhere” Hospital Chain and team up with old and new friends, including a Badger who’s a dab hand at heart surgery and a Dog who is knows a thing or two about healing cuts.

The original surgery simulation game is back, with more weird and wonderful patients, operations and blood!


Outro music: “Funkn Waffles” by TeknoAXE


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  1. Looked it up. Dogs can eat peanut butter in moderation.

    Still doesn't mean you should use your man bits as dog treats.

  2. Could y'all be any more vulgar?!?! Hopefully y'all realize kids may watch that video trying to figure out that lvl also & all the heat is f&$@ that & d%^* this!!!

  3. You should know by now (Corwin) that the only being that gives a good triple blowie is the Cerberus from Monster Girl Quest. Then again, the Yamata No Orochi would be MUCH better, since there's seven bodies to work with.

  4. Also, the Circus Freak out was an extra part for Amateur surgeon 2 the app. So just giving you a heads up, you will be surgerizing an elephant

  5. I discovered the timeline for Amateur surgeon. A.S 1, A.S Christmas edition, A.S 3, A.S,2 then A.S 4

  6. Hi. I have a question for you. Can you try my map on Doom snapmap? Is call 1000 Doors made by PertTexas51. Thanks. I love your vidéos. You are so fun.


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