SPEED SURGEORIZING! — Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations (Part #4) (Android Phone Game)


Woo! More Amateur Surgeon 4! After completing a couple of the story surgeries, we find ourselves trying out this new, rapid-fire, multi-surgery mode. We have some questions: what’s causing all these injured people? Is there a war? Is there a disaster going on? Is Dr. Bleed’s clone the last medical practitioner on the planet? BUT THERE IS NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS. THERE IS ONLY TIME FOR UNSANITARY BACK-TO-BACK SURGERY, WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT CLEANING THE INSTRUMENTS BETWEEN PATIENTS! Let’s play!

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Check out Amateur Surgeon 4: Regenerations on the Google Play Store.

Outro music: “Funkn Waffles” by TeknoAXE

Nguồn: https://keralafolkloreakademy.com/

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  1. Continuity error: The writers forgot that Horrace D'Obscene had a fake identity in his first meeting, referring to himself as Dwayne Pipe


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