Sonic Rivals (PSP) – Sonic's Story Part 1 Forest Falls Zone


This is my playthrough/Let’s Play/LP/Walkthrough of the Sonic Rivals for PSP, PS Vita, ! In this vid we play through Forest Falls Zone Act 1,2, & the Boss against Knuckles. Make sure to leave a “LIKE” and a comment if you enjoyed the vid! Can we reach 4000 LIKES for the first part? Thanks for watching 😀

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Thanks to Nibroc-Rock for renders:


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  1. I remember playing this on my PSP and it was super fun, there Metal Sonic boss i'm sure and idk what game did i play SR OR SR2? i can't remember cuz' i was kid when i started playing it.

  2. Damn this game takes me back to memory lane when I got my first PSP and the first game I played in it was Sonic Rivals…I spent weeks trying to finish that game, hey I was still a kid.

  3. Silver signature move is esp I forgot how awesome this game is but my psp is broken i wish i still had it so i can play with u cober mani 456


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