Sonic Rivals (PSP) [4K] – Sonic's Story


Here’s another Sonic racing game. This one will be much more smoother and better than you remember playing on PSP.

Here’s the code to disable the brightness and set the game to 60FPS. Make sure you have “Disable slower effects” unchecked in PPSSPP’s graphics settings:

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Recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay.


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  1. Since Sonic 06 is non canon due to the events being erased, this is the TRUE first time Sonic meets Silver.

  2. Still remember, when this game and the second Sonic rivals was in my psp sd card, good memories, sometimes, I wish there was an fan game or also too, this be remastered.

  3. as a kid this game was fire but looking at it now as a 20 year old this shit looks like a mobile game, still had some great memories tho

  4. Ah man! This brings back good memories. Used to play this all the time back in 06 and 07. Fun times. Wish I could relive them. I really liked the Rivals series. I still have these games but my PSP broke ages ago. I enjoyed playing as the four characters and I loved the offensive and defensive item attacks even though some of them were admittedly a bit cheap at times. Wish I could play these again.

  5. I played this before, I always go on my big brother's PSP, except I kept losing at the boss (BTW, not the first boss, the second boss.)

  6. I wished I had this game. My family owned a psp but it was my sisters at least I played sonic rush and the sonic advanced trilogy with my ds


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