Sonic Rivals (PSP) [4K] – Shadow's Story


Ironically, if you take a look at the bottom of the screen during races, Shadow is the only one who’s got a smiling icon, while the other characters’ icons are serious.

Here’s the code to disable the brightness and set the game to 60FPS. Make sure you have “Disable slower effects” unchecked in PPSSPP’s graphics settings:

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Recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay.


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  1. 13 years ago, I got a PSP along with this game as a birthday gift. Loved the game growing up. Never had the chance to play the sequel though.

  2. If someone was to do a top 10 Rouge X Shadow moments vid here on youtube, 50:55 – 52:00 would definitely have to make it in the top 3

  3. I always found it interesting how Shadow and Silver were the only ones to find out about Eggman Nega. It’s also kinda neat to see him help Eggman in this game.

  4. I notice a running theme with the plot in this game; the main characters could easily just talk to each other to resolve the issues at hand, but instead opt to just challenge each other to get to the goal.

    Hey, who said being civilized with issues was the most logical course of action in a racing game?


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