Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP) Shadow and Metal Sonic Story


Getting a little better at the game i guess…
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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that shadow is hot, I’ve always had a crush on him when I was younger 😂

  2. Sonic: Hello Shadow
    Shadow: I hate you
    [Metal Sonic shows up]
    Metal Sonic: …
    Shadow: I like this guy

  3. Metal Sonic 3.0 looks similar to Shard the Metal Sonic (from Archie Sonic) and Gemerl the Gizoid (from Sonic Advance 3).

  4. You can get on top of that double stacked dice at 31:17
    And be able to damage the robot, its surprising that i still
    Know this exploit after 6 years of not playing this game xD

  5. I really like that Shadow actually cares for Metal and that he still has somewhat of a conscious. Who knows what Metal is capable of?

  6. Why silver the hedgehog sound like a little kid? I wish silver the hedgehog can watch his temper sega and curse you! Because I was so mad at silver the hedgehog who thinks sonic is the iblus trigger but sonic would never do that. Cause I'm in the game I would fight silver the hedgehog so easy on him to death so he will not fight against sonic the hedgehog ever again. And I mean it this time. Enough is enough. And that in order.

  7. Holy shit I miss this damn game. A few years ago I shit my pants saying “damn for a psp this game has such good gameplay and graphics”. Good Times as I ALMOST finished the game.

  8. Why on Earth Chaotic Inferno has only Act 2 for this story?

    19:21 – What do you mean by "Which"? Theres only one "Eggman" in front of you. Oh…
    38:39 – Oops! You talked too much!


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