Sonic Generations PSP?! Colors was supposed to be a Generations Wii port?! | Development Info Leaked


So we just got some information on Sonic Generations, and how it ties into Sonic Colors! It turns out Sonic Colors wouldn’t have even happened, as the Wii was supposed to receive a Generations port had it been powerful enough. Even the PSP was supposed to get Gens. We discuss!

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  1. I would sacrificed colors in a heart beat colors gameplay is fine but it has a terrible script and portrays sonic and tails terribley

  2. I've always loved Generations and I felt that Sonic Colors was too short when it came to the quality of stages. Don't get me wrong, I love Colors, but I feel like it's better if we just had Generations's length increased. SEGA should really start focusing on quality instead of quantity. Just stating my opinion, you do not have to agree with me because I do not expect everyone to.

  3. I would sacrifice Sonic colours any day of the week for a 12 act Sonic Generations. Imo it was overall a fairy meh game, with visuals being it's only standouts feature

  4. I mean, The rise of lyric situation was more of a SEGA not telling the team that it was actually supposed to be for the wii u until the last second

  5. I thought Sonic colors was better than generations lol. I hope they do a tripple pack of generations, colors, and lost world on modern hardware.

  6. The whole Sonic Generations thing being turned into Colours is a really really dumb conclusion.
    This would imply Sonic Colours not having been planned at all. Which would also mean it wouldn't have been represented in Generations at all.

  7. These comments make me sad. Cant believe people started with Sonic Colours which is right when the downfall of the series happened lol. Least Generations was good

  8. So there is a pattern from 2006 to 2013.

    Sonic 06 – Multi Platform (Originally meant to have a Wii Port)
    Secret Rings – Nintendo
    Unleashed – Multi Platform
    Black Knight – Nintendo
    Colors – Nintendo But was originally meant to be Gens port which is already Multi Platform
    Generations – Multi Platform (Obviously)
    Lost World – Nintendo

  9. Huh? I saw that post but ignored it bc thee wasn’t any evidence was there evidence found or is this just speculation?

  10. Thinking about it now, it honestly sucks that Nintendo’s past consoles were too weak to port the next gen Sonic titles. As great as it would have been to ditch Nintendo consoles in favor of Microsoft and Sony to create the ultimate next gen Sonic game, it would hurt my relationship with the Sonic series. Almost every generation I’ve owned a nintendo console. If the other games were exclusive to Microsoft and Sony I would have missed out on every modern sonic game after unleashed on wii. I would feel so left out and honestly be kinda bitter about it. I want Sonic to do well, but if he stops being on nintendo consoles, I don’t think I’ll be able to play his future titles. Even now, I still can’t play generations on Switch and instead played Forces and Mania to death at this point.

  11. That can explain by the Colors stage in Generations felt so halfassed and that can explain why the stories of both games also felt very halfassed… Well, aside from that lawsuit they had with…. You probably know who… I guess this is Secret Rings all over again since that game was supposed to be a Wii port of 06.


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