Some crazy and big $0.25/$0.50 Cash Game hands| Artur's Twitch Highlights


In this video, I will review some crazy and funny FastForward hands I played on NL50 in November and explain my thought process.
I will also show you some hands I made mistakes in and review them honestly. Because if you want to become the best poker player you can possibly be, you have to find your leaks and fix them. But you will only find them if you are honest about your plays.
When I get a new student as a coach for BluffTheSpot, I always focus on finding and fixing their leaks first. Because doing it this way, you will see greater improvement in less time.

BTS Coaching:

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How to improve your redline:

MMAsherdog reviewing NL10k:

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  2. What do u think about that AQ calldown but if he had AK with flush blockers? i mean id rather call that than QQ imo…not that flush blockers are that relevent idk your strat but im 4 betting K8,K9s etc but mostly for blocking your overpairs and beating all your bluffs…. so u have 6x overpairs and lets say some wheele flushes and u might not even bet that beg with KK without a heart on river so thats even less combos,and then u have tons of broadway bluffs u decided to 4 bet pre.I liked the AQ call cuz i like to go in deep in every spot but what happens is when i do plays like that i give my opponents to much credit they wont be thinkin on same level as me,talking about regs ofc vs fish its easy fold.


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