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The Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins returns in an epic way on Monday Night RAW to take out Triple H & Sheamus and the shield reunite!

Rollins was ruled out of action after a severe ACL injury last month, meaning he had not other option but to vacate the WWE world heavyweight championship. Roman Reigns then won the designated tournament to be crowned the new WWE champion, only for Sheamus to cash in his money in the bank and steal the title.

Sheamus has since been unveiled as the new face of the authority, seemingly slotting straight into the spot previously occupied by the man simply known as “the architect”

After completing his recovery Rollins makes his epic return, but this time on the opposite side of the law, as he rights his wrongs and saves Ambrose & Reigns from a beating. Seth is clearly seeking revenge on the authority for the way they simply disregarded and replaced him when he suffered his career threatening injury!

Filmed in WWE 2K16, mic scenes are kinda choppy but it’s the best i could do with what i had.

I hope enjoy the video, as always i thank you for watching ElementGames!

Music by Teknoaxe & Ross Bugden

I hope you enjoyed “WWE 2K16 – Seth Rollins Returns 2016 & The Shield Reunite” enough to curb stomp the thumbs up button!


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  1. Element games all I want to say is that you did a great job on this video im a big fan of you I watched all your videos and I want to know how you made Seth rollins come and save dean ambrose and roman reigns


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