Saved by the Bell! Le'Veon Bell Scores the Game-Winning TD | Steelers vs. Chargers | NFL


With 5 seconds to go, the Steelers took one last shot at the end zone for the win. Le’Veon Bell saves the day with his last-second dive for the goal line.

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  1. the Steeler shirt use Bell in Wildcat a lot more it gets the ball in one of your best players immediately maybe after Ben retires

  2. Nothing is more exciting, more uplifting, more honorable, and more timeless in the NFL than Steeler Football.

    Dictionary entry for NFL:

    NFL: see Steeler Football

  3. Did anyone happen to notice A: The Steelers started their drive with 18 seconds less than they should have after the kickoff?
    B: There should have been at least one second left on the clock when Bell scored. He hit down at the goal line with 2 seconds remaining and the ref's whistle blows at 1 second — Play over, but the clock kept rolling to zeros.

  4. Receivers need to do more for Vick. Antonio Brown was slack all game to say the least. Thank God for this W. #steelersnation

  5. All ya'll Vick critiques need to STFU! 😀 I bet you if he murdered a black boy …you will be quick to forgive him? No? Why are dogs more valuable than human lives in this country…nothing against dogs… just never got that Theology. Man kills Tiger in Africa, the whole white America go crazy, people are massacred in schools in America, we shrug Ehhh… it happens. ..we need more guns… like what the duck. .. I just don't get it.

  6. Wow, first female Referee you really are amazing 0:33 number 83 with the biggest hold in the world leveon bell sprung free wen manti teo is the real hero! 👏👏👏👏 Your almost as bad as Ed Hoc from the denver game and that fumble ruling!!!

  7. if this is in playoff or superbowl,regardless win or lost, bad call,coz we just could not predit what will happen,even u run the football wont be int,but still have change get hit n fumble,regardless percenge ,we just never know next,like today i watch ine mlb game astro lead 4run still blow it,who know,sport is strange so we love watch,in chinese we have1sentence,入就是英雄唔入就是狗熊,if sucess u r hero,if lost will be garbage call

  8. @Dakota Mueller man if u don't stfu about that. Other players out here hitting thier wives….RAPE CHARGES…Murder Trails….deflating footballs. And you still holding on to that. You should have no respect for Big Ben either Right? Naw your a confuse junkie that thinks Dog Fighting is more serious than Rape Charges. GTFO you hypocrite.


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