Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome – Which One is for You?


Samsung Internet browser and Google Chrome are pre-installed on almost all of Samsung devices. How do both differ? In this video, we are going to cover Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome.

The video covers most of the features, including the battery test. All the information in the video is true.

Table of contents
– Interface
– Themes
– Private modes
– Passwords
– Settings
– Battery test
– Which one is for you?

Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome (blog post):

Mic used: MXL V67G (eBay Australia):

Thanks for watching the video. I hope the information was helpful. Please let me know which one is your favourite. Also, like the video is it helped and subscribe for more tech videos (comparisons and reviews).


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  1. My favourite feature in samsung internet is the back key…while browsing you can jump into any previous page instantly by holding that back key for a sec….. and it is extremely useful when some ad page pops up suddenly while we browsing and some times even if we keep tapping the back button we can't go back to previous page… and this feature helps me out a lot from that type of situations….
    And the fact is this is a hidden feature so many people don't know this feature yet


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