Samsung CF390 Review


Samsung CF390 Review discovers CF390 which is 1800R cuved Full HD monitor with AMD FreeSync. It is highly affordable at a price point of $139. So multimedia, gaming and movie enthusiasts looking for a monitor at an affordable price must check this out.

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  1. that was the best review i've found for this monitor so far, right to the point! <3
    BTW i'm really confused between this and LG's 22MP68VQ (IPS, FreeSync, 75hz) monitor! please help me out here…it's harder to pick one xD

  2. Bu monitör o kadar kotü ki anlatamam yaşamanız lazım Samsung cf24 ışık sızması var ve ben alırken bir şey olmaz sıkıntı olmaz diyordum 🙂 ama öyle değilmiş nefffret ettim sinirden kırdım paneli çok kotu arkadaşlar sulu boya gibi ekran hiç net değil çok saçma bir monitördü alacaksanız İPS panel alın bu VA panel iğrenç yaaa benim ryzen 3 2200G Radeon Vega 8. Ekran karti ayarlarından doygunluğu %200 yapmadan kullanamadim. Aynı zamanda renk sicakliginida fulledim yine de kötü Apu sistem hdmı ile bagliyordum arkadaşlar gerçekten sinirden kırdım yani ekran kalitesi çok kötü bulutlanma oluyor aynı zamanda ışık sızması oynadığım oyundan zevk alamadim netlik çok sacma sulu boya gibi oyun modu felan çok kotu arkadaslar hic tavsiye etmiyorum önermiyorum uzak durun.

  3. The worst monitor ever!

    I bought 3 such monitors and the 3 were different from each other!

    And yes, i try to color calibrate but never i can't to be close about the colors… Samsung say: what do you expect that is the cheapest model!

    Fortunately, based on the law I managed to return them!

    I recomend stay away about this model

  4. Very pleased with the screen.➙>>JustU.Faith/Samsung-24?埋 Delivery was disappointing as it arrived earlier than planned and without a card through the door to indicate which neighbour it was with. Screen itself is usual high standard I expect from Samsung.

  5. Hey. How it will go with sapphire rx 580 8gb pulse video card and amd fx-6300 procesor at fps level? Can this monitor give stable 50 to 100 fps, that fact more interesting? Now i got samsung t220 monitor and thinking of upgrade.

  6. Hi, i wonder if this monitor does have G-sync support. The Nvidia has launched the new drivers making Free Sync monitors compatible with G-sync starting at the beginning of the 2019, i want to buy it but i want to make sure that it has the compatibility before i do that.

  7. How can i adjust the tilt of this monitor ? I see you can tilt it very easily on the video. Mine doesn't tilt at all. Am I missing something?

  8. some said you need at least 27 inch sized to experience the advantage of curved monitor.. so this 24 inch not recommended. is that right?

  9. Best review on YouTube! I've ordered one some months ago, now i've ordered another one and i love my setup! Thank you for the quality of your reviews!

  10. If you have base ps4 this monitor is best for it, red dead redemption 2 and the witcher 3 look beautiful on this monitor, amazing 1080p monitor😁

  11. Does it have backlight bleeding please reply ??? I have read many reviews about it. If yes then please let me know How much it is, does it effect on the content displayed.

  12. Did you notice any backlight bleeding with this monitor on dark room and black background? Do you have a dead pixel problem after using for 3 – 6 months?

  13. Is this worth for movies?I want to use it with my ps4 where I play a few games(like GTA) not Competitive like COD but I also play Fortnite


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