Samsung Camera App – All Features & How to Use!


In this video we take a look at the Galaxy Camera app and check out how the UI and features that it brings to the table!

We have tried out the app on the Samsung galaxy S20 ultra but the interface and most of the functions should remain the same for all other Samsung phones running One UI.

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  1. Hello ash.. am planning to buy a Samsung M series smartphone. But some of my friends say that it will start hanging after a couple of years. Is it true?

  2. he information which you were deliverded is faboulus information but som changes was you have to deliver these information in all high end series
    May i hope you read this this message thank ful message given by you

  3. hey, how is ash? great video bro. Ive never had samsung before, but love the display, one UI and now even the camera app.
    Also, have you declared results for photo competition?

  4. "we can to focus anywhere", I don't why these guys making such videos, i mean from super saf to now c4e, what the hell, it doesn't deserve the video of itself. You are explaining elementary things + some extra features. Why not take all camera apps and explain onlu "extra features of them" in single video? To out videos for the sake of it guys.

  5. Plz stop filming in 60 fps , i want to watch the videos in 1080p and it takes time to buffers in 60 fps , also it doesn't make a change from the 30 fps unless you're reviewing a game or a content that needs that heavy 60 !

  6. Bro, Its been so long you not reviewing any tablets.. Why can't you review samsung s6 lite tablet. And other budget tablet in your channel.

  7. I don't know why people hate toichwiz even though I use the S10+ now I still have the S6 edge and it still performs decently not that laggy. The only thing that is a bummer is the battery. I used the phone for almost 4 years and finally switched to the S10+ in may 2019. Also I think that I liked touchwiz and experience ui interms of design of the ui. One ui 2.1 or one ui in general is too cartoonish of a ui.

  8. I have a question for C4Etech, are all these features available in the S10 lite like it's pro mode , cause the pro mode on the note 10 lite is better than the S10 lite. Thank you in advance Amartya bud.

  9. Samsung camera app is horrible in midrange phones like a50s. Slow and exposure keeps fluctuating and can't capture quickly


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