The Annual North vs South mud bog event held at Dennis Anderson Muddy Motorsports park in North Carolina is always action packed. One of our favorite events to watch is the Redneck Tough Truck Racing. 2017 brought out a slew of stock Jeeps and trucks ready to huck the jumps of the mega truck course. Check our all of the insane Tough Truck competition action from Damm Park North vs South. Let us know who sent it the best in the comments below!

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  1. Why does everyone come in first in the right lane????….not fair race to 2nd racer…..
    Any thoughts….on your part?

  2. What a disgrace to America, the vehicle that says bacon eater on the side flying that tyrant blue line flag.
    Thats NOT an American flag, it's a DISGRACE!!!

  3. Man if I wasn't eleven I would drive across the country to do this. That looks way more fun than dirt track racing

  4. I would put my 2003 Ram 2 wheel drive pro comp susp,mt2 mud tires. And three inch done right. Anyday. Ohh yea A super 40 duel out sounds alot better than those ricers.

  5. ويجيك واحد يقولك الامريكي حراره ومايسويها هههه منشن حقين التاكوتا والتيسان

  6. Clearly the cameraman's a fucking jackwagon watching the black and red Jeep when the Chevy the silver one is clearly doing a much better run and sending it why that little Jeep is just being a pussy crawling over jumps cameramen y'all to get some education

  7. Where are these events?? My Toyota pickup would decimate all!! And I wouldn’t mind killing it in a blaze of glory!!

  8. 1:49
    Why in the fucking fuck is that flag being dragged through the dirt? Its worth more than trying to show off for a race. People should be banned from putting flags on their vehicles unless it's a sticker. Completely disrespectful and ignorant.

  9. Did that chevy break in half LOL I have said it for years, Chevy may make some great engines but their frame sucks. Dodge makes the best frame (at leased post 2012), Chevy makes the best engine (since the LS) and Ford most certainly makes the best axles without question.

  10. Where is this it looks fun it'll be awesome to have something like that in indiana. I would do it the first chance I get.


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