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Greeting from the Great Beyond!

— Status: Playable, Low-End Gamer Approved —

This is just a resolution test for Sonic Generation, which is meant to create a proof of concept of how the Game could be displayed on the PSP screen. The game was modded to to use “Cell Shaders” with included texture for visual appeal.

The custom Resolution was achieved via a tool called “Custom Resolution Utility (CRU), which added resolutions not included on the stock Graphics Driver.


Editor’s Note:
Audio De-sync is noticable over time due to mix of recorder and non-standard resolution. Video Conversion from AVI to MP4 using a free program may also contribute.

I do have an earlier recording of me trying to record the game with the setting put to MP4, but it has a larger waltermark due to it only being my trial run of recording and all setups weren’t configured yet.



Sonic Generations Mod Loader:
– –

Custom Resolution Utility (CRU):
– –


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  1. Addendum:
    This is not a PSP port of Sonic Generations. This is a proof of concept that is meant to simulate the resolution and possible graphical style to be used in a hypothetical (not-very-hypothetical) porting job.

    However, to those who haven't heard: There is indeed a version of SG for PSP (debug copy on CD-R), but it had been rotting due to mishandling.

    Any future problem when implementing the the software to add custom resolutions, please refer them to this pinned comment. I don't have all the answers but I will help as much as I can.

    Any advice I give works for me and may not work for you. For further help please refer to the developers/regular users of the software.

    For Translation:

  2. Why would they cancel sonic generation

    3ds Version sucks aka the only portable generation

    Just make one for switch and I’m good


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