Proof Stacker is Rigged!​​​


I give some more tips on the Stacker arcade game as well as prove the game has a set payout rate by showing a snapshot from the owners manual, as well as slow motion when I am at the final block for the major prize.

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Proof Stacker is Rigged!​​​

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  1. I was at Reno last week was so close to win the Xbox on my first try and I ended up wasting 120 bucks cause I keep choking on the last block was hella frustrating. And still haven’t recovered that loss yet…

  2. not gonna lie, this is one of the easiest machines in the world. Won several thousand tickets at a dave and busters yesterday from this.

  3. I don't see why it can't be a skill-based game. Just make the reaction time really hard so barely any people will be able to get it. Yeah it might be inconsistent, but then all you gotta do is make it faster/allow less reaction time if too many people are winning when you get it.

    Nobody's going to perfect-run a game with 0.05s to react consistently, and if they do, change the rates or make it inconsistent (eg. 0.05s-0.03s at random).

  4. I played the stacker machine yesterday and won the major prize, ended up picking a prize worth half a grand, preaty cool.

  5. Arcade owners have this set so when it’s due for a payout they’ve made profit before giving away these expensive prizes, I basically made it to the end 30 times in one night as it’s based of how good your reaction time is, the game isn’t that hard so obviously it’s rigged otherwise they’d get wiped daily. I wanted to go to the manager and show her my recording but I’m sure she’d laugh it off, they know it’s rigged and there’s nothing you can do about it except not waste your money on it. The arcade near my house is packed on a Friday night and the only game not being played is this.

  6. I played stacker twice in my life and this was how the second one was rigged –
    The first time was my fault that I lost when I was trying to get a major prize
    But The second time I just stook with a minor prize and selected the prize I wanted.
    The prize I chose was one of those little pool missals that when thrown into the pool will swim to the bottom of the pool diagonally
    But when the game was supposed to give me my prize, the thing the pool missal was on only turned partially and I didn't get my prize!
    That's why I've never played Walmart stacker games ever since

  7. hm. An arcade near me has a different model which is ticket based, not prize based. I have managed to get to fairly high levels with that machine, but you would need to spend hours to get a decent prize there. all the same, it is possible.

  8. Yeah I was on the last level before I won a Xbox 1 and I got there like 10 times cuz the games so easy but the last 1 is rigged

  9. I've cleaned out one of these with 10 dollars. Little arcade in Michigan think it was called hackers. The major prizes we're only 20-40 dollars tho so maybe it had a better payout rate

  10. look at 3:08 he pressed the button before it hit the corner and jumped and he got it (put it in slow mo and listen and watch carefully)

  11. Like he said, there has to be a random element to it, otherwise a skilled player could clean out the whole machine in short order. It's just another scam.


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