Playthrough: Arthur's Birthday V2 – Part 4


Nothing seen here is my property, and I own no rights to this game. Please support the companies who made these by buying their products!
Played by: Mr. Eight-Three-One
More stuff, and playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Yes, I know I skipped some animations if you pin it in the wrong place, but honestly it would just make that part drag and I didn’t really think they were really worth showing. What I DID think was worth showing, though, was the Easter Egg for that minigame. We also finally solve the great gift mystery. No, I am not showing the other gift openings.
Arthur’s Birthday V2 is (C) 1997 Living Books/Wanderful Storybooks and (C) 1989 Marc Brown.


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  1. You know, in the episode, Muffy booked a rock band and a famous clown, which is why she couldn't change the date. Nor could Arthur, because all his relatives were coming. Bringing Muffy to Arthur's party kind of disregarded the reason she couldn't change hers.


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