Playthrough: Arthur's Birthday V2 – Part 1


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Played by: Mr. Eight-Three-One
The long awaited playthrough of Arthur’s Birthday V2 (Don’t worry, Just Grandma and Me V2 is in the works too). You better thank me for going through the trouble of finding a copy of this game. The only other person in our group that has this is Gobagoo, and you know how long it took last time he made a playthrough for this channel. In fact, I actually got V1 at first since I blindly ordered it off Amazon not knowing what I was getting. I went onto eBay instead and found one with a picture of V2 so I could confirm what I was getting exactly. Anyway, this is V2 of Arthur’s Birthday. The biggest differences in this version:
– The very first obvious change is the resolution. V1 ran in a 512 x 384 resolution, this one runs in 640 x 480 which makes every page bigger. In some cases, there’s also more clicks due to this, though they didn’t add a whole lot which is quite disappointing if you ask me.
– All of the audio is now at 22 KHz, versus 11 KHz of the old version. This makes all the voice clips and effects sound more crisp and high-quality.
– Spanish was axed from this version for reasons unknown. You may argue it was to make room for the higher quality audio and the minigames, but Grandma V2 has FOUR languages in it with minigames, further raising questions.
– There are now two minigames, the Great Gift Mystery and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The Great Gift Mystery is unique from other LB games in that it’s integrated into the story, and you play it as you go through the pages.
– Some of the click points were altered in some way. For instance, on Page 6, the dollar bills actually fall to the ground this time, and the “Jelly!” “Jam!” argument was re-voiced to make it consistent with an added click point.
– The background noise is always heard, even during a clickable. In V1, the noise would stop whenever a clickable was running.
Arthur’s Birthday V2 is (C) 1997 Living Books/Wanderful Storybooks and (C) 1989 Marc Brown.


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  1. I have this version I like this version then V1 I’ve only played the demo of V1 but this version is my childhood

  2. LOVE that clear sound quality! The way they remastered this and "Just Grandma and Me" is impressive, and kind of reminds me of how Disney went back and remastered the 90s Renaissance-era films going back to the original digital animation files, and they look absolutely stunning.

  3. Tfw you're about to start the game but Arthur suddenly flexes on you by busting the sickest moves you've ever seen for absolutely no reason

  4. 2:56 to 3:07, from the sunrise outside the window, you could turn upside down and see the smash bros logo.

  5. Wow I haven't seen this game for a very long time I used to play it all the time when I was so little (And May 25th is my birthday too)

  6. If I Can Change My Birthday In Other Day And I Was Like And Well, I Don't Think That I Do Care About That Either

  7. I remember this. But it's so jarring after you listen to this in comparison to the TV show. The Brain's TV voice is very childish compared to this one, and Francine has a deeper voice to go with her tomboyish personality. Muffy's voice is a lot harsher. Wonder who Living Books got to do this?

  8. 昔ソフト持ってた…懐かしい。。赤ちゃんが食べてるシリアルが美味しそうで憧れてたなあ…笑

  9. I remember playing this game at a very young age. I might've been 4 years old. I would only play at Kindergarten cause I don't think I had it at home. But almost every time we had play time whenever I was allowed I would play this game and I would either play by myself or play with my friends. And if I had to pick what my favorite computer game was, this would have to be it. This just takes me down memory lane. And I'll never forget this game.

  10. ok I wanna get this but I don't know which one is the 2.0 version are there any differences on the covers of the game container or something

  11. I remember playing this Game on My Windows 95 Computer when I was 5 and a Half years old in 1998.


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