NHL Highlights | Sharks vs. Ducks, Game 1 – Apr. 12, 2018


San Jose Sharks’ Evander Kane buries two goals in his playoff debut, aiding the team to a 3-0 game one victory on the road against the Anaheim Ducks.


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  1. If my Flyers don't win it, I hope the Sharks do. I want Kane to win a cup, just because of him destroying Matt Cooke.

  2. I like it so much becuase there is water
    I like it becuase it scars me and I like that it scars me love you hopr you do more videos thankyou for reading
    By kayla jaid burrows and
    By lexi dannyell burrows

  3. I was a junior in college when Kane was DRAFTED
    he's just now played his first post season game JESUS good for him though

  4. Who the hell are these announcers??? I freaking love them! I've never heard them before does anyone know which team they're from?

  5. 0-3 Ducks, and based on this game's showing I'm betting easily Sharks get 3-1 series lead and also likely eliminate Ducks out the series in 5 or 6 of the 1st Round, cuz whatever was going on tonight, I think big and slow sharks Dman boxed out everyone completely in front the net. Saying this not a Sharks fan though almost seemed like no show playoff game on the Ducks, yes Fukin' one newly acquired guy from the trade deadline he won the scoring game entirely, damn.


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