Miitopia | Help Us Arthur! (Part 23)


Peanutbuttergamer and SpaceHamster begin a hilarious Mii-filled adventure in Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS! Great Sage Arthur appears yet again to save the day! Check out Part 23!

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Miitopia is an Adventure RPG Game released for the Nintendo 3DS on December 8, 2016. Considered by many to be a follow up to the hit game Tomodachi Life, players can put their friends, their favorite characters, or even their memes into the game as party members or NPCs in the form of Miis. Miitopia features simple RPG mechanics mixed in with plenty of chance and opportunity for comedic interactions.


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Edited by Jack!

Into art by Dan Jones! →

Music by Zurachi! →

PB&Jeff Cartoon assets by Miski! →

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  1. Later on, when your previous party members return, you just mix and match from the whole pool, though sometimes falling rocks separate your group and each side only has access to some of the dudes before you regroup later.

    …Also, the reason the Hermit Crab Fossil is so weird is because it's supposed to be a Horseshoe Crab. The translators goofed.

  2. 3:26 You Actually Split up 4 Times Throughout the Main Game and 2 Times you won't be Reunited until MUCH Later in the Dungeon. So for those who Wanted that, There you go, But that Gimmick won't be in this Game until you Reach the Heart of Karkaton. ^^

  3. You probably never get life sprinkles upgrades cuz there's several ways to revive Miis in battle. I think there's four. Plus, there's a friendship perk, too, that can kick in. So, I guess five ways?

  4. Weapon effects take place when someone is about to attack. For example a mage might stop a warrior to enlarge their weapon.

  5. Donkey Kong whispering in an enemies ear, the most wonderful words ever heard by a Kong…

    … Oooooh Bah nah nah

  6. Okay imagine a luigi sharpen claws a ready from luigi a ignite from peebs and everyone helps luigi and luigi gets to go again from chad op omg all you nees is chad luigi and peebs then some healer. With high feiend ship with at least a 6 friend ship with everyone

  7. I prefer Oblivion's magic, it was much more varied. Plus you can craft your own spells that combine multiple spell effects.

  8. you're definitely overestimating the depth of the mechanics later in the game. you do eventually get all your lost party members back, but you don't have multiple parties, you just have more members to assemble the standard 4 person party.

    there's also no mechanic for multiclassing or subclassing or anything. you only get the stats and abilities of your old class if you go back to that class later.

  9. I'm having this exact problem in my skyrim playthrough where I get destroyed easily later on because of light armor etc

  10. And NOW Peebs's outfit makes him look as if from an indistrial metal music video from the year 2000.
    Peebs fashion: always unexpected… always eclectic.

  11. NOTICE FOR AUSTIN AND JEFF: you can change the outward appearance of your characters’ gear and weapons while keeping the highest stats (like how you said ian looked best in his chinese uniform.)

  12. You know, now that you don't have a direct healer, you could use the SAFE SPOT that you never use to heal people >.>

  13. When you incantate the name of the genie or "Will Smith" try to get the name wrong just enough that something I guess minor just happens


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