Micro Vacation Ver0.20a Full Gameplay 4K [ShrinkGiantess game]


Majority of the game-play in the video shown is me scavenging for items to show you the full capabilities of the game, if you would like to skip that part, go to 14:00

Micro Vacation is a 3D game I’m developing in the unreal engine based around the Macrophilia fetish. You play as a university student who on the morning he’s supposed to leave for a vacation finds himself in his bed at a tiny size for an unknown reason. The player then tries making his way through the house collecting/crafting things and trying to get help from the now giant women who he lives with to try and get back to his regular height.

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Download can be found on both Discord and Patreon ^^^

Reol Halozy’s Discord –

Nguồn: https://keralafolkloreakademy.com/

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  1. “The widow’s Web” 19:04 I setup my stakeout at a shoe. 19:15 Size 8 AA. The suspect 🕷 arrived in the scene. But before I can apprehend her, 19:22 an innocent bystander stepped into harm’s way. 19:28 No not that shoe, go for the loafer! 19:30 🦶 19:36 STOOOOOOP!


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