Metro Stardust Early Gameplay (Yet Another Dead Earthbound Fangame)


Don’t spam my other videos with comments about this, they’ll be ignored and deleted. I don’t code anymore, so allow me to move on with my life.

This is in-game footage of my old, never to be completed, seriously super dead, Earthbound fangame: Metro Stardust. You controlled Ian (or Jane), the head janitor of the expeditionary ship Perseverance as you help the captain deal with an infestation aboard the ship.

This was early footage: that means the dialogue had not been polished and many graphics and gameplay elements could and would have been changed in the future, had I continued development. One of the things I would’ve liked to change are the save points, which were pretty obviously “inspired” by those in Undertale.

The engine was built in Game Maker Studio.

The game runs at 60FPS but I guess I’m an idiot and can’t record video correctly, hence it playing at 30FPS.

Cidoku: Code, sprites, tilesets, backgrounds, bad writing, music
Kami: Backgrounds, concept art, ideas, beta-testing
Hekset: Sprites, ideas, beta-testing


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  1. Lemme tell you why I abandoned this project.

    I actually made much more than was shown in the video: I completed the next location, Venus (that's why you can see it in the background in the boss area), made music for it, made enemies, bosses, sidequests, scripted everything, and it was a nice, extra hour of gameplay. But aside from going back to university and having less time in my hands, I felt that the project was way too derivative. Maybe that was to be expected of a "fangame" but I felt I was just copying Earthbound and that bothered me to hell and back. Of course you can't ever be 100% original but surely I could be more original than this.

    The plot and music were wholly original (and I plan to reuse them someday, although, to be fair, probably not in a game). There perhaps was a way to change the graphics to make it less Earthboundy but I had written the engine to mimic Earthbound and that couldn't be switched without restarting the project and destroying all my progress (the plot, thankfully, had nothing to do with EB). Although maybe there also was a way to make the battle system more original.

    It was a hard decision for me and the people who'd helped me, but I think they're doing better things now. It's all good with them. Can't help but regret ending it, though.

  2. This is awesome. You really nailed the art style of Earthbound. I can see this game catching on. The only nit pick I can think of is that the overworld music is kind of jarring but the battle music is perfect. This really is awesome I cant wait to see more.


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