Logic Agent | AMV / Animation meme (1440p HD)


Aa I finally finished this! I have nothing else to say. I kinda took a long break in between, but I should be back to making regular animation memes now!
This has anime opening vibes.

Music: [MV] niki feat れをる – ロジックエージェント / Logic Agent

Outro song: NCS Fearless

♣(Only 13+) Send fanart to my discord server to get featured in an outro: ♣

♣For ages younger than 13: email me at: ashaphaedra@gmail.com

Adobe Photoshop – Animation & Art
After Effects – Editing & Tweening


Instagram: AshaPhaedra (@ashaphaedra)

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  1. Tbh, the true elements are more than what you think.
    Birds, mammals, reptiles, plants, water, cloud, ice, rain, sparks, fire, rock, air, lightning, thunder, stars, planets, and void.
    So the cat is Sparks or Fire element?

  2. Omg i love the effort put into this!! Rlly curious to know what this is about, keep it up! Can tell this took quite some time<3

  3. Asha: does work like this for her own enjoyment
    Animator companies: FIND HER AND HIRE HER NOW

    Honestly this is incredible

  4. This would be a brilliant anime XD also the music reminds me of Pokemon IDK WHY 😂😂

    Edit: Also, nobody gonna talk about how the fire is like Shoto Todoroki’s fire XD

  5. God I just love how with every single one of your animations it has such a strong story that is so character driven! You tell it in a way that gives just enough information to keep us guessing and wanting more! We make us so attached to the characters with simple body language or expressions that shows their entire personality! And your art and animation is always just all around gorgeous??? I love your work so much! It’s so unique and inspiring!! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what is next! ❤️


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