LM 2596 DC -DC Buck converter | Adjustable step down module | specifications -Application


This is an LM2596 DC-DC buck converter step-down power module with a high-precision potentiometer for adjusting output voltage, capable of driving a load up to 3A with high efficiency. When the output current required is greater than 2.5A(10W)
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the component is using
* LM2596 dc-dc buck converter step down module
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LM2596 dc-dc buck converter step down module –
MT3608 2A dc-dc Step Up Boost Power Module =

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  1. I have a buck converter connected to a 12v battery motorcycle when i connect it to raspi the power is not consistent.need help

  2. i have an AC-DC laptop adapter that gives 30volt, can i use this to make it give lower volts to use the adapter to my phone?

  3. I guess watching videos, even as good as yours and others, doesn't ensure success or even an adequate understanding …
    I'm trying to find a battery power source to power four strobe light units installed on my PARAMOTOR as we fly in often congested airspace.  Air Force and civilian aircraft like to fly low over the water just off the beach here in Northern Florida just where we'd like to fly.
    I purchased supposedly 12v truck led strobe light KIT to attach to my frame.  I finally got a multimeter this week and measured the demo battery pack that comes in the strobe package (allows strobes to work on the store shelves) and – the batteries were providing 19.5 vdc.   

    So these are likely the fairly standard 12-24v LED strobe lights sold everywhere.
    I have a spare 6S LiPo 50C battery pack that provides 22-25.5 vdc so I figured I use this.  My plan was to wire up the LM2596 to measure the output voltage and adjust the potentiometer to 19-20 vDC output to test the strobe lights.  Input measured 25.1vDC.I put the multimeter leads on the OUT side and made a short piece of twin lead wire connect the IN side and inserted them into the XT60 connector.

    A firecracker went off and the capacitor was gone. I turned the Multimeter on after I inserted the twin wire, don't know if that caused the overload – no load when connected?

    The video said the LM2596 was rated for 30 vDC.  A flying buddy offered that perhaps the 6S LiPo's amperage was too much.

    I measured the 6S LiPo and it jumped around but seemed to be between 373 and 420 mA.  It's a new Chinese multimeter and I probably don't know how to use it properly.

    The small battery pack seemed to measure between 95 -200 mA when connected and would drop to ZERO when the button was pushed.  Not sure I understand that behavior.  

    Any comments you'd care to offer to me.  I have another spare buck to use but need to figure some other combination to power the strobe lights.
    "Help me Obiwan …"
    Jim Sutton

  4. ভাই আপনার নাম্বারটা দেন আর এটা কোন জায়গায় আপনার এড্রেসটা দেন আর এটার প্রাইস কত হবে

  5. Ty for this video. Leaving a comment that may be helpful to others… If you try to reduce the voltage and nothimg occurs, just keep spinning that little selector using a small tool… After 5 or 6 turns you will note the voltage to start to decrease until the led turn off… By that moment you should read around 1.25 v in your multimeter using the 20vcc scale. Now you are able to spin the selector to the oposite direction and select your voltage requirements (sorry for my english, not native)

  6. bro i want to use it in solar pannel ..but out put of solar pannel is 100mA 6V
    i want to increase current how can i do it

  7. i bought this product from this page and highly recommend the page


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