Living Books Arthur's Teacher Trouble (Read to Me Version)


Arthur’s Teacher Trouble is the second Living Books PC CD-Rom Game from 1992 based on the 1986 Marc Brown book, and the CD Rom was released in 1992. Poor Arthur Read feels very upset when he learns that his new teacher, Mr. Ratburn, gives out a lot of homework on the first day of school. The principal announces a September spellathon at Arthur’s school, and whoever spells the last word correctly will win a golden trophy. At home during the evening, Arthur makes a map of Africa for his homework. His sister, D.W., constantly teases him because she does not have homework—she hasn’t yet started kindergarten. Mr. Ratburn has a very important 100-word spelling test for his class the following morning, so the whole class must study hard. Before long, he announces that the Brain and Arthur received top scores. As a special treat, he gives them a few extra words to study. Two weeks later, the spellathon begins, and Arthur still complains about Mr. Ratburn, wishing not going to be in school. Most of the students misspell words and are eliminated from the competition. Arthur stalls when he is about to spell his last word, but he gets it right, wins the golden trophy, and feels very happy. Finally, Mr. Ratburn announces it is the last third grade he has for the spellathon and the last year he teaches third grade. And then he says he looks forward to a new challenge; which is teaching kindergarten. It then frightens D.W. because she might get too much homework to do for her young age if she gets sorted into his class.



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  1. Maybe some kids should go to both church school and church camp, each and every Sunday, at least form Pre-K to Senior.

  2. Sometimes, I wonder if some kids go to church school and church camp from Pre-K to Senior, just until their ready for both real church visiting and real church membership.

  3. I think when you're 3 going on 4 years old, you start home church, home school, and home camp, that way you can be ready for real education.

  4. I think my weekly routine should include Homeroom, Manners and Etiquette, CCD Class, Read 180, Music Class, Magic Class, Arts and Crafts, Show and Tell, Gym, Lunch, Recess, Math Class, Health Class, Science, Social Studies, Nature Studies, Job Training, and last, but not least, Travel Training.

  5. I think my daily routine should include jumping out of bed, having breakfast, getting ready for school, going to school, coming home from school, doing my homework, doing my chores, having dinner, getting ready for bed, and going to bed.


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