Inuyasha: Feudal Combat Game Sample – Playstation 2


Original Air Date: December 04th, 2008

I just had this on the comp, so I uploaded it instead of deleting it. Inuyasha: Feudal Combat is a game based off the popular anime/manga/etc. of a similar name (Inuyasha). Basically, like some anime/manga to game translations, the more you understand the story by reading/watching the original, the more you are likely to enjoy this game. As is, the game is not at all bad, but you may not know much of squat diddly if you aren’t familiar with Inuyasha. That won’t stop you from enjoying the game in a general sense, but yeah.

The game developed by Eighting (or 8ing or Raizing, as Eighting is known by those names), who have developed a few decent games such as Battle Garegga and Kingdom Grand Prix, among others…their most notable series that I am personally familiar with though is the “Bloody Roar” series. Considering the source material, Eighting put forth some effort into the game — it isn’t so much that there isn’t a lot of “stuff” in Inuyasha, but there probably were other anime that might have provided a little more variety…or Eighting should have used a couple of the obscure Inuyasha characters too. You’ll kinda know what I mean if you look at Kagome and Kikyo…they might seem like they fight somewhat alike; it just makes me think back on Dragon Ball games of old where the characters fought so similar and the Super Saiyan forms didn’t even have special attacks unique to them, lol — It’s fine that they are both in the game, but yeah…the roster isn’t exactly that big to begin with.

As you will see in the video, you fight in pairs…the cool thing is that special pairs have more unique “combination attacks” and the better you fight in combat, the more your partner sort of “levels up”, becoming more aggressive…trust me, you’ll want them to get aggressive! If you fight poorly, the opposite happens; your partner gets less aggressive and “weakens”. If you have a “good pairing” (the good pairings are pretty obvious if you know about the show/books/etc), you’ll get that special combination attack, as opposed to the standard combo attack (which is actually their regular super moves done one after the other) — you can see an example of this at around 2:25 or so…that said, different characters have moves from the source material and some made-up ones (or generic attacks) too to fit with the game.

The game can be pretty easy if you know what you are doing and some characters are cheaper than others…that said, naturally, there is some character imbalance, but as far as single player goes, that doesn’t matter too much, so long as you can play with one of your favorite characters, I suppose. The game looks okay (I like little environmental effects like leaves blowing in the wind, etc.) and it sounds pretty decent (the music sounds okay…the voices are the same as the ones in the North American English dub of the anime, as far as I can tell, but the voices sound compressed significantly). The gameplay is functional…it’s not at all perfect, but it gets the job done.

Note: Since the time this video was uploaded, I got the other hidden characters. Yay.


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  1. I hope they make a remastered "Inuyasha" video game where it takes place in an open world setting, with multiple boss battles like 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice'!

  2. Love this game. Broke my ps2 controller and lost the disc so now I play on an emulator. Making it not always perfect (I.e emulator glitches, crashes, visual bugs, controller delay, controller disconnections, dropped input, freezing, soft locking, file corruption, file deletion, modifications to save file, modifications to save state, frame rate issues of run on a low end spec PC, slow down also caused by low end specs, battery consumption if on laptop, I use Alienware PC though, and just generally inability to capture what I once had on a TV now being forced onto a keyboard and monitor.

  3. i had my volume way up and no headset on and my mom thought i was watching a porno from the other room

  4. I am gonna be honest, I don't care for the anime what-so-ever. But this game is the shiz! It reminds me of a less cool version of the Naruto games, it was so much fun playing this game on the playstation 2 a long time ago. Too bad those days are gone!


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