Heart Attack Simulator – Winter Edition (DIRECTORS CUT)


🎮 Game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Anomaly 1.5 Beta 3.0
🧾 Information:
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🖥My Computer🖥
Intel i7 8700k
Nvidia GTX 1080

Good Hunting, STALKER.

Nguồn: https://keralafolkloreakademy.com/

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  1. No one going to mention all the guys in the chat are talking about a Škorpion, which clearly isn't the gun he's using. I think it's called a Kedr or something, it's Russian gun while Škorpion is Czechoslovak. Though I'm not 100% sure about the Kedr.

  2. I always get fucking destroyed by that Chimera pounce, motherfuckers. And it's always when I think I got the drop on one, boing! Dead Stalker.

  3. @ @UCzCo65SfjLfAkhJHx162Gsw

    i have all the mods + snow fall and i CAN NOT MAKE IT LOOK GOOD
    – its way to bright in certain spots .. ..
    – i tried 0.6 tone map middle grey and it darkned it way to much
    – i ru ndx 11 full ultra what did u change to make the snow not look over bright and hurt eyes ?

    did u turn off sun rays or su ndetail down ?

  4. This is why you should always be full stamina, and never over-encumbered when you are traveling. Could mean the difference between life and death.

  5. Dude do not care about bad stuff people say ro you in here, your video is great, congrats, and keep doing it cause we like ro see 🙂

  6. Unemployment did not cover evil cultists in those days, so the only
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