Hatching a BALD EAGLE Baby!! 🐺 WildCraft • Starry Savannah!! • #26


Join us as we discover just what other rare creatures, pets, special items, and… new den decorations…?! our WildCraft packs, prides, and herds can find!! We’ll race across the land with our wolf packs, lion prides, and horse herds as we celebrate the birth of new wolf pups, cubs, and foals and watch their legacy grow!

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  1. I'm so jealous I have Wildcraft I only have three animals a wolf a fox and a lynx and I also have a legendary skin for my wolves.

  2. Seri! If you need to go faster whilst hunting, maybe try holding shift for speed? If this doesn’t work than I don’t know xD Love you videos so much! <3
    Edit: Oh nvm I just realised you do it’s just that I have bad eyesight xDDD
    Second Edit ;-;: I’m really happy cuz I got a mystic skin for my lynx recently! And I have a mystic skin for my bear to.
    THIRD EDIT ÙwÚ: Also I have a level 40 eagle.
    FOURTH EDIT: I should really stop ;-;

  3. I have questions. When you change animals does it give you a new fam to raise? Or does it just change the species of your previous fam? Or is it different game!?😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

    Please answer in the comments!

  4. This is garnet, This is garnet, This is garnet, WHY DOES GARNET THE BIRB REMIND BE OF GARNET FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE ;u;

  5. Wow, I love WildCraft but it makes it so much more interesting with stories like this. I remember Cloud, I think his sister was Summer which I fell in love with, anyway I'm so glad you got a legendary cheetah skin and an action, that'll be cool for Regal and Nova.

  6. My wolf is Bear
    Death drowned
    Story: He would have lived but his father Cougar dropped him in a river. I was mad

  7. Seri! Pixel Bioligist! I truly didn't expect you had so little subscribers! your one of the coolest youtube channels, and I hope you Go back to spore!


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