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I’m back with another episode of New Game Plus! This time I have my Goof Troop review. Let’s see how the opinions of Young Jirard hold up as I return to this game with more experience and carpal tunnel.


Curious about New Game Plus and the removal of previous Completionist episodes? The answers are in my update video:

Capcom released some of the better licensed games at the time, and the Goof Troop game was one of them. Think Legend of Zelda, some Disney visuals, and watered down dungeon mechanics. This game works best in coop as certain elements can be monotonous, and is a surprising quick play. But how will this game hold up to present Jirard? Find out on my Goof Troop review!

Let me know what you thought about my Goof Troop review! Was there any other licensed games you remember fondly playing?

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  1. Ever heard of the infamous 3D leap?

    Simply put times had changed and people wanted games in "3D". 3D games took a whole lot more time to make and being quite a new genre they were really easy to make them wrong.

    Not to mention that 3D CGI games aged quite fast due to the constant improvements in graphics that happened starting on that era. And while it was quite possible to make a licenced game somewhat fast in 16 bits 2D, it was not the same for 3D CGI.

    And most importantly, 3D games are way more expensive to make.

    Eventually people stated to want games in 2D again, and that's one of the reasons why the PSP and the Nintendo DS sold so well.

    Of course this is far from the complete story but just go read a book about ir or something.

  2. I completely forgot you covered this game! I used to play this as a kid, and one of my earliest gaming memories is writing down the passwords so I could keep the same playthrough with my dad. Glad to hear it holds up

  3. I hate to mess up this sick 666 total comments section, but if you go the RetroArch route, you could use RetroAchievements for this and a bunch of other games. Goof Troop's listed achievements are pretty attainable, with the hardest ones being beating levels without picking up any fruit and not having more than 2 total lives, and beating bosses without taking damage. Still pretty doable though.

  4. Fuck, I'd completely forgotten about this game!
    When I saw the red and blue jumping skeletons I was hit by nostalgia, so hard.
    This game is great 😀

  5. Man when I was a kid we only got a couple of local channels on TV. I would have killed for some Nickelodeon

  6. What the fuuuuck?! How dare you shit on Talespin for NES! That game is fucking great!

  7. I don't remember seeing the original one, so it was like a whole new episode for me watching this! Sometimes, games are just made to be just enjoyed and relax with friends! It makes me miss the Final Fight series that I played with my brother growing up… Thanks for a fun video!

  8. Do ya need a break from modern livin? Do ya long to shed your weary load? If your nerves are raw and your brain is fried just grab a friend and take your time together out on your old console!


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