Goof Troop Speedrun (Max) – 23:28


In-game final time is 21:18.

Single-segment speedrun of Goof Troop with Max, SNES NTSC-U version, done on BizHawk 1.9.3 Compatibility Core, non-TAS. Timing starts at character selection and ends when the Stage Clear message appears after defeating Keelhaul Pete.

My PB had been 24:00 on Zsnes for almost two years, and finally, I managed to beat it with a legit emulator. First boss sucked, and I had a bad death in level 3, but all the rest was pretty fine. However, Pete was the best fight I ever had, by FAR. I mean, it was INSANELY LUCKY.

Thanks to that, this run exceeded my expectation which was to only get a 23:5x. I will probably never beat this (nor will I try anyways).
Shoutouts to Yagamoth who recently picked up the game and figured out some new improvements to the route. Thanks Yaga!

Enjoy the run!

Watch the Twitch live version here:


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  1. My cousin and I used to play this as small kids. Dont remember if we even beat the first level. We did however beat all of Aladdin!

  2. I'm not sure about this question although i'm sure max is a little bit faster… but i wonder by how much. Goofy can kill any of the standard opponents with a single object thrown… it takes max 2 though. Overall i wonder what the difference is

  3. I did'n know what "open" means living in Colombia as a kid. It took me a while to figure it the code lol😂😂

  4. This was my favorite game growing up. I kind of want to take a stab at running this. Great stuff. Really awesome run.

  5. This guy is legit amazing at this game. Took me like 3 hours to beat this game, and he did it in 20 minutes. Sheesh.

  6. One my favorite games as a kid and great two player for my bro and me as kids. T^T he'd always made me play goofy though and steal all the goodies…


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