Giantess Dreams Gameplay – "The Butt In The Back Garden"


This is a game called Dreams.

I don’t in any way mean offence to anyone but, apparently there is a whole giantess fetish that exists, so if you masturbated to this video with the sound off, good for you.

I didn’t know.

►Play the game here (and see that vagina i censored) (is it really worth it though?) –

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  1. I'm into macro fetish too, and even if admit that the creator made a great work and put a lot of effort doing this, it's still a kinda weird game because of animations. xD
    But it was fun to watch someone outside macro fetish playing it. I guess it's the funny thing of this fantasy: its object is so common in people culture, that is rarely offensive or disturbing. Just very very weird sometimes. XD


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