Game of Thrones Season 8 – The Bells Spoiler Discussion


The Soup Gang discusses the latest episode of Game of Thrones Season 8, “The Bells.”

Game of Thrones Season 8 – The Bells Spoiler Discussion










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  1. They should have established that no one in Kings landing wanted Dany for like a whole season then it would have been more believable

  2. This episode destroyed me i am not kidding i locked the door unplugged the doorbell ignored everyone watched the episode again and the rest of the day i was pissed, disappointed as fuck and i still fuckong cant believe what the fuck has happend my anger is insane

    And i pray for someone to help george bring back this world
    In maybe like 10 years after people may have forgotten abit and george is done writting and just give us a new show and do it perfectly
    And make the first people that die in that new show D&D

  3. The fact that she didnt get to cersie at all is just insane
    Yes she killed her but she wasnt sure before tyrion found her

  4. Are you guys kidding? Where’s the “disconnect” between Daenerys in The Bells and in every other episode? Have you forgotten…

    In season 2 ep4 when she screamed to the Qartheen, "When my dragons are grown, we will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!" How did you interpret that statement?

    In season 4 ep7 when she told Jorah, "They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one." How did you interpret that?

    In season 5 ep5 when she brought a bunch on random nobles to her dragons, a dragon killed one, and then she admitted that they might all be innocent, but the dragons would decide who's innocent and who's guilty.

    In season 2 ep6 when she said “I will take what is mind with fire and blood!”

    In season 4 ep4 when she crucified 163 people without trial and then called it “justice.”

    These are only a few examples. There are dozens more.

  5. What would’ve happened if the Mountain was totally obedient?

    The Hound would still be standing below them on the steps, threatening them and the Mountain would have to fight him.

    A compete waste of dialogue meant to excuse the Mountain suddenly killing Qybern. Which would be fine, if it didn’t make Cersei and Qybern look dumb as hell. It’s such a small thing, and yet it feels like a good example of the style over substance writing that has taken over this show.

  6. the night king was just a misdirect , he was there so you never questioned who the main villain was , and it was never cersei shes not important thats why she does nothing in this season. and Danny isnt mad she believes shes right.

  7. Aegon Targaryen lord of Dragonstone with Ghost by his side now that would have been suitable ending for Jon Snow bastard of Winterfell.

  8. She threatened to destroy Kings Landing multiple times, and had multiple people asking her not to, and she never once actually said, okay, I won't do it. Missandei told her to burn it all, and she did.

  9. I think her becoming the mad queen was perfect because it was a snap she just cracked it’s not that difficult to believe

  10. She’s not the mad queen. What she did was sustained and calculated. And so that makes her evil, not mad. And Dany has never been close to being evil.

  11. The thing with Raeghal is maybe they should have shown more bolts in the air. they had a WHOLE FLEET of boats all with a scorpion, so there woulda probably been like 30-60 bolts in the air, if they showed that, and Raeghal like, swooping to block a bunch that were headed for dany on drogon, maybe it could have seemed more believable and woulda been more impactful? but, the idea is…dany needed to lose he other 'child' to further break dany so it was understandable she went all mad queen. But, there were so many little things they wanted to do right, they missed the mark on a few big things. But I also thing we have SUCH high expectations of this show, that no matter what we wouldn't have been 100% in love with this final season. i just can't wait to read how GRRM plays it all out.

  12. The point is, daenerys has been crazy the whole time. It's just that as the spectator, we make excuses for the crazy decisions she's made. She makes those distant looks, lookin crazy all the time. In the books they go into her thoughts about the crazy revenge she wanted on all the people. When she burns the tarly's. Like, she's I think tyrion building her up saying she'll be a great ruler was built up maybe a lil too much. I think maybe they should have tyrion kinda seemingly more goaded into being her advisor, instead of him falling head over heels for her. I think maybe there was 1 more episode where they show her decent into madness. Ordering crazy shit. Almost a full episode about her becoming crazy, and then maybe we would have been more ok with it. If she talked about missing meisande. if she had a moment with drogon and they both looked super sad about rhaegar dying. an extgended seen of her trying to get jon to love her. I think that was all we really wanted she had about 4 mins of screen time before she went nutzoid. if we saw the emotional toll taken on her a lil more, woulda been better. But, i think it was supposed to also be a moment that blew our minds. and it did. We're complaining that GoT surprised us….I mean, book readers knew ned would die but, if we didn't know that woulda blew our mind. The red wedding….jon getting stabbed. rikkon dying…like the show/books PURPOSELY fuck with our minds and this did that again and now were mad and surpised about it? come on guys. You could make the argument there is more development they could have put into dany losing her mind. but, maybe adding 10-20 mins of danys decent into madness but then, how we do that with 1.5 hr long episodes? so maybe shave a bit off a few other eps and add one more full ep? I bet they cut so much footage to even make the eps as 'short' as they did. They rushed the last season a little and we as the audience can tell that and that does suck. I would have preferred a full season of episodes instead of long episodes or maybe just have the battle of winterfell a long ep. coulda prob edited it so one full ep was the battle of winterfell and one full ep of fall of kinds landing where it ends with them like, everyone setup to start the fight so we know 'OH SHIT NEXT EPISODE THEY GUNNA FIGHT!' But i'm not mad with how they did it. at all. I'm just kinda greedy and woulda liked another 3 hrs of GoT.

  13. 19:56– Cersei sees colossal sized elephants that tower over over King's Landing being brought over: We have the elepha-
    Daenerys proceeds to unceremoniously reduce the elephants to bones.
    Cersei whelps.

  14. It’s clearly obvious they’re making Jon wuss out because of the relation to Dany. It’s stupid he won’t hook up with her any more because of that, it’s not like she raised him… they just met and Targs do that anyway to maintain bloodlines… something Dany should’ve rebuttaled with. Varys is the only one who mentioned Jon won’t because they don’t do that in the north where he was raised… kinda dumb cuz again, he just met her, I could see if he knew her from birth. Like cmon.

    Also, Jon n Dany make a great couple… she was obsessed with him from the moment they met, n actually incredibly intrigued when she heard about him from Melisandre n Tyrion. Jon was obviously wanting to hit that the moment he saw her too… grabbing her hand in the cave n shyt.

  15. i don't get why they had to make all of these episodes just shocking people in every way possible, its like they are purposely making it make less sense just for shock value, it should have been jon, just like in harry potter, we all knew he would win and the way the story panned out it was satisfying but most importantly made sense, harry dying was the long night and him coming back and killing Voldemort at the end was still tense, this was a kids book and it still made more sense, its like the GoT crew tried to outsmart themselves and just tripped themselves up

  16. Tyrion and Varys talked about the aunt thing, and Tryion reluctantly acquiesces that their marriage was a non starter for a northerner. It’s not necessary for John to utter the words, people get it.

  17. Not convinced?? Her response to EVERYTHING in her life was to kill. She stole the unsullied and killed the slave masters. Slavery was the law of the land for multiple cities for thousands of years. Free the slaves…..fine, everyone agrees….killing the maters was a choice. Killing the Tarleys was a choice, because she doesn’t want prisoners. She could have escaped Vaes Dothrak, but she chose to stay and kill everyone. She threatened to kill Varys( and did) and Tyrion, they were some of her closest advisors. Her response to everything was death. Sooner or later you have to understand that, it’s not normal. I’m sure the writers are disturbed that people don’t view homicidal response to every issue as a problem. It is.

  18. "she drank a lil, she smirked" lmfaooo this has me weak because that's honestly all cersei really did 😭so many wasted characters

  19. I would have preferred Jaime to mercy kill Cersei and then have the last episode of Dany facing Jaime and possibly burning him in front of everyone at it not being justified.

  20. Danny has no identity out of being queen. All the other people who lost people had things to turn to or follow. Danny has nothing

  21. Had two of the biggest villains in GoT die in the timeframe of three fucking episodes. The night king which is the ultimate villain, damn near fucking unbeatable and cut down in a matter of seconds. Cersei was barely even in this season. She was one of the most conniving political figures in this universe to become the head of the ultimate kingdom in this world and she does absolutely nothing. ITS FUCKING STUPID! It’s just so blatantly rushed, I feel like the writers were like, let’s be done with this show and move on. I’m tired of this, they don’t care wether it was good or not.

  22. You fucking smug fucks defending her just burning people with Dragon Fire like that is normal and like she doesn't want power . She has wanted Power for years . The Take's video comparing her to Cersei is superior than you fucks whining about her journey

  23. I was also so very disappointed with the writers and DD for this season. Building the audience and these brilliant actors, only to let us down.🤦‍♂️

  24. Love your pod cast on GOT episode 5, insightful, rational discussion, with some humor thrown in. I chuckled several time.🐲 ♥️😄

  25. I thought Dany was going to pull a Harrenhaal on the red keep like Aegon did. this so much worse. By the way does the iron throne still stand???

  26. Sounds like Marissa just hates the show in general. I love her and value her opinion. All I hear is negativity for the most part though. Always her initial reactions for an episode is she didn’t like it and how bad it was

  27. Nerd Soup has been my fave GoT content. You’ve always been level – pointing out good and bad. Now it just feels like you jumped on the haters bandwagon. Aaron at least is looking big pic. And I can’t stand Marissa, which sucks as a fellow female nerd. Does she freaking like anything? She only started watching live with season 7 and seems to have hated them all. It’s so annoying. I don’t wanna listen to someone discuss with nothing but negativity.

  28. We can speculate a lot, but the real thing is that HBO wanted 10 seasons deal. So… guess what! 2 seasons of work that would have blow up any chances for Dumb and Dumb for taking Star Wars lead wrtitting. I mean, these guys should have let someone finish the job, just for having fans happy but they didnt.

  29. Y'all still aren't being logical: you're all on board with Danny going mad queen. But you 'didn't like' this happening in the episode. Which is the penultimate one. If not now then when? yes some better build up would be nice, but IF you're on board with her going mad queen then what happened in the episode was perhaps 'overdue' but it HAD to happen. So you can't not like it, this is where the story had to go and it finally got there.


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