Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 'The Bells' Review


Aaron & Beau review the fifth episode from season 8 of Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 ‘The Bells’ Review










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  1. I really think that Dany in this episode was a mixt of snapping and “i have to make an example of this, if people won’t love me, i’ll just settle for fear”

  2. Listening to this a year on I can't believe how easily you two fell for hack D&D turning Daenerys into the mad Queen in two episodes. Literally two episodes ago she was as altruistic as Jon, fighting to save humanity and you're justifying them having her hunt down women and children to annihilate. Danny would never hunt down children, we have 8 years of character development to prove it. This was a total and complete character assassination.

  3. if cersie doednt kill messandei dany stops when the bells ring. how many times we hear 1 head to save a thousand lives, some starks at a wedding to end the war, danys baby to end needless slaughter, etc…cersei could haved spared messandei and saved her city, gaurenteed. that was the moment dany snapped,thats what was going through her head atop that dragon when the bells rang, that and massive amounts of adreneline. the real bummer for mde was that she stuck to being evil, even after her monsterous actions I was hhoping she would realize her actions were wrong and denounce the throne,giving it to john or destroying it altogether… breaking the wheel and ending it there, her continuation of her tyranny later on is what really bummed me about in the last episode

  4. I’ve been rewatching the series and I’ve been noticing things that set up and foreshadow events that you couldn’t have known in the moment we’re going to become something later, but The Mad Queen thing has always been and underlying part of Dany’s character. When she takes that one city she goes against almost her entire council and nails all the masters to crosses. And it’s like a rage based impulsive decision the eventually almost uprooted her power in the city. Because of the brutality of her actions the remaining masters side against her and fund the sons of the Harpy which eventually gets Selmy killed. Like she’s always been a flip of the switch impulsive conqueror who’d rather bring herself down if it means bringing her enemies down with her. (Also in the flashback with Cersei where she’s a little girl talking to the witch, the witch says a young, prettier woman will come and take everything away from her (this implies Margaery Tyrell but it’s actually referring to Daenerys.)

  5. People gettin' loose y'all, The folks was flaming out of control
    It was so entertainin' when the boogie started to explode
    I heard somebody say burn baby burn! disco inferno
    Burn baby burn, burn that mother down

  6. The only person daenerys did not burn was cersie WTF!!
    How does daenerys or anyone know for sure jamie and cersie are dead? As far as tyrion knows they might have gottn away right?
    I mean it total bullshit it was so strategic but she didnt go to make sure she burned cersie or that she died she probably didnt even see cersie in the entirety of the battle

  7. SHE WON so no there is no way to justify it what ever happend before in all 8 seasons

    If she went mad queen before she won then u could use her past to justify this but she already won so there was no fucking reason
    No fucking reason at all
    100% blame for D&D fuck those 2 guys for having the guts to ruin a master piece like this

  8. If not killed by one of her borthers
    Cersie should have been burned alive by drogon
    So it would have been good if cersie and jaimie made up and then they heard the dragon come cersie walk up to the window and faces the dragon coming and they are both burned and blown away
    In one of the towers

  9. I think that the moment daenerys was on the dragon and those bells went off the only thing she heard in here mind was the last word of missandei


  10. I agree, had they done a better job developing and setting this up, the episode could’ve remained exactly the same, shot for shot. The problem was how Daenerys just immediately went from a just champion of the people to a murderous dictator at the drop of hat. They completely betrayed and ruined the character.

  11. People forget that cersei is not a smart person. She is ruthless yea but she herself is stupid. Tywin said it himself and let's not forget she shooting herself in the foot with militarizing the faith. Not thinking. Even she getting the throne was a fluke not a master plan cause she blew up the scept causing her son who she wanted alive killing himself.

  12. They could make a show called "Cersei Reacts". In this episode, Cersei Reacts to… the burning of King's Landing!

  13. I still don't get everyone's issues with this season. I thought it was perfect.

    I've been listening, and really trying to understand, but nobody has been able to articulate why they're SO disappointed, other than the general answer that the events didn't meet or exceed their expectations.

    I'm thinking OF COURSE Daenerys used her dragon to burn down the entire city, men women and children alike, despite the bells having been rung signifying her enemy's surrender.

    People are so PISSED about this, but of COURSE she did lol she just wasted an entire season, after FINALLY gathering enough strength to set sail for Westeros with a large enough force to actually take the Iron Throne, because she was continuously advised to play by certain "rules"

    Rules that her opponents were totally exempt.

    So, by the time she's ready to strike, she's lost over half her allies, Unsullied and Dothraki, and two out of three of her dragons, and had to watch Cersei chop her best friend and closest advisor's head off.

    And people still expected restraint?! 🤣

    And THEN she finds out that the man she has fallen in love with is suddenly her nephew lol and the ACTUAL heir to the crown, and he stops reciprocating her affections while her last remaining advisers begin turning on her in favor of him, just like she predicted they would, all because he couldn't avoid doing the "honorable" thing; defying her pleas to keep his true heritage a secret.

    And people are actually questioning why she would "snap" and burn down the city!?!


    "But, she WON! The bells were ringing! It doesn't make sense!" lol Yeah! That's the whole POINT. 🤣

    And, everyone expected Jaime to kill his sister, who he has also been in love with his entire life, who happens to be pregnant with another of his children, because doing anything else "goes against his character arc"?!?

    What "character arc" have these people been witnessing? lol he's been the SAME dude from when he pushed Bran out the window until the Red Keep collapsed on his head!

    Cersei didn't deserve a "cooler" death after all the horrible things she's done to so many good people. And, Jaime only deserved the right to die in her arms.

    People are disappointed because they had WAY too much time between seasons to come up with their own narratives about who these characters are in their heads, and when it didn't happen that way they blame everyone else lol instead of their own lofty unrealistic expectations!

    But, despite ALL that, what happened HAPPENED.

    THIS is the story, from beginning to end, whether people agree with the decisions that were made or not, there is no "wishing" it away.

    You can either accept it for what it is, or allow it to ruin your enjoyment. But, no amount of whining or complaining is going to change it.

    It was good enough to keep people invested back when the main protagonist was beheaded at the end of season one, and through the mass slaughter of his entire family only a couple of seasons later.

    And I, for one, still believe it's good enough to stay invested after seeing the new "protagonist" pushed into doing something so egregious that the other main protagonist has to face the consequences of being sent back to the Night's Watch for stabbing her in the heart.

    George R.R. Martin said the ending would be "bittersweet" and that is EXACTLY what it was.

    But, I gotta say, I'd be much more disappointed myself if NOBODY was talking about it at ALL, though. If there was no debate, that would be a FAR worse endorsement of the overall product than this smattering of disillusioned fans. 👍😊

  14. If they had killed off Arya, and Jon found her after seeing Tyrion in his "cell", and then went to the Red Keep, he had a better point to kill Dany. And it would be more dramatic, losing an acutal Stark at this point.

  15. You guys are too nice. Vary's death was dumb. He's too smart to get caught writing letters and trying to poison the queen. Complete shite.

  16. And the golden company we're trash I hope they weren't that expensive and why would they be outside the gates what is that I can go for days like everyone else last thing the long night Jon hides behind a wall but the dragon can bring down the biggest wall in the north but can't blow through that lil wall Jon hid behind


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