Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 5 "The Bells" Review – Dragons on the Wall


Spoilers! Terri, Jim and Joshua break down Daenerys Targaryen’s big change in our Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 5 “The Bells” review, as well as what we thought of Cersei Lannister, those deaths and our Season 8 finale predictions.

Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 5 – IGN Watch Party

Game of Thrones’ Cast Responds to IGN Comments Part 2

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  1. "Man run history"..and this lady has a problem with that? Wasn't GOT also trying to portray power and politics for what it is? If so, then yes, men do run history…….it's a statistical fact…oh these commenters are almost as bad as those who wrote the last season of GOT.

  2. History even tells us that tyrants were sick people, which Daenaris wasn't for 7 seasons.
    So it WAS NOT in character to kill children and innocents.

  3. I think so much of Dany's mind set is said by Amelia in the after show and that was after everything (eliminating the Iron Fleet & all the rest of Cersei's forces +all of her friends and advisors during or betraying her) – it just wasn't enough

  4. It is men that write history in the show and medieval times which are the setup for the show -> cause men write it down; monks in the medieval, maesters in the show! And there are no female maesters! Of course you have nuns too; but most of the libraries were in monk‘s abbeys

  5. Overwhelming Majority hates this season & last episode. Always have to baby those fans that can’t accept differing opinions. “If you don’t like it, REHHHH!!!!”

  6. Terri, 9.51, if you look at how Varys and especially Jorah tried MANY times to reshape her – and until this season, usually successfully – the potential of Daenerys going with fear was always a possibility. As Tyrion said, she just more often than not listened to advisors who counseled against fear… While I was disappointed in her choice, I was not surprised.

  7. Dany locked up two of her dragons because drogon killed a farmer's daughter. She didn't have advisors telling her to do that. So, I'm supposed to believe that she would willingly kill the downtrodden? Dany has always gone after people in power, whether they were slavers or corrupt leaders. She never was an advocate for the massacre of innocent's.

  8. Thanks y'all…didn't know I appreciated this ep as much as I did until watching your video commentary about it.

  9. What if Jamie and Cersei somehow survived the collapse? They escape and go into hiding to have their child. The sequel could launch with the surviving Lannister child 20 years later.
    What if the dragon queen decided Tyrion has made one mistake too many and flames him…only for him to survive because he is really a Targaryen? ( remember his mother died in childbirth, just like Jon's and the dragon queens mothers )
    What if Arya then gets her way with Dani and kills her.?
    What if Jon decides he's had enough, takes the final dragon north and lives with the northmen for the rest of his life…and the dragon turns out to be female and hatches eggs in the last scene. Thus creating a spin off series called " Dragon Wars" ?
    Who will rule? Tyrion..that's who.

    Just a bunch of "What if's". A bit of fun 🙂

  10. With the varys male thing, he is confirming that Westeros has succession rules that prioritise men (something that Britain for example only changed in the 21st century). I think that what GRRM is trying to do is to confront us with the uglyness of what a medieval fantasy world would look like based on what we know about our own history. Its hard to do this and make the story an empowering story, the way I think they have done that is to make most of the best players women.

  11. Maybe Arya will wear Grey Worm's face and make an attempt on Daeny, Jon interferes and unknowingly kills Arya, Daeny still roasts Jon anyway, Tyrion cross-bows Daeny later when she's on the loo. Tyrion facilitates the kingdoms co-existing peacefully with no ruler.

  12. bad comparison with Vlad The Impaler.learnn your world history before you offend another country's history. he was never a despot. he was a great ruler of my country!!! you can say stuff like that on the internet and not apologise and give a retraction

  13. i can’t wait for the books to come out, if the author goes the same route i can’t wait to see how it plays out in the books

  14. young inexperienced person? what she did in slavers bay and marine and with the dothraki…her resume screamed experience with power and leadership…..

    wtf are they talking about ….

  15. It wasn't even a 'big change', the show had been hinting at her madness in vaarious moments since the first season. In fact one of the first subjects underlying the show is the incestual relationships and how it can supposedly create mad children.

    Why do we like to keep forcing things to conform to our personal conceptions and get up set when they don't align?

  16. Cercei death was really disappointed. She was a badass villain. She should get a painful death just like any other badasses villain.

    PS. This review is so opposite of how i feel about this ep.

  17. If these people really think Varys is sexist, then the rest of their review is a waste of my time and yours. I stopped watching after 20 minutes. I recommend you skip this video. They don't know what they're talking about, and there are plenty of great reviews on Youtube

  18. The Mad King only wanted to burn the City once it became apparent he was going to lose it. Danny had just won it. Even the Mad King wasn't as insane as Danny.

  19. If you reviewers cannot see the sloppy writing this last few seasons, you are not fit for the job. People don't have a problem with the mad queen as that's where I can see the books heading, however the story telling to get to that point and the assassination of well constructed characters is a poor end to what was once a great show, get a pair and tell it how it is.

  20. I liked the episode but hated the fact that they took a year off to cram everything into 6 shows. That is their fail.


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