GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Episode 5 – REACTION!!! "The Bells"


The battle at King’s Landing ensues in one of their best shot & craziest episodes, but how’s the story telling?! Here’s our REACTION & REVIEW to GAME OF THRONES 8×5 “The Bells”!!!
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  1. Thank you guys for stopping by! Do you agree with our review of the episode? Think the show will ultimately stick the landing?
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  2. It's great watching Dany Stan's justify murdering 100s of thousands, yet can't even watch the slaughter. It's what made the finale so much better.

  3. You guys do a great job of respecting the creators, but expressing your issues with this season. While I disagree and agree with some points, I definitely understood why you guys said everything you said. Another amazing review!!!

  4. Yes i watched a BBC. Docum. On how during the muddle ages more people were killed by falling BRICKS than war and the plaque COMBINED! Now if we could just BORROW the Tardis for a mo…i know two shamos that need to be taken to that period in history asap.Pack your bags D&D karmas coming for you. Valor morgulis!
    (Seriously i can NEVER find my Tardis key when i need it the most#!@#)

  5. The showrunners THREW AWAY SO MANY well deveoped characters that deserved a completion of their story arc. Stupid stupid move! nothing done in haste stands the test of time .
    Can we just say Epi 5 was a really bad dream the dreamer wakes up to an exstensive REWRITE!
    AH HELL, Where do i go to sign the petition?

  6. Glad to see someone else thinks this way … I think the mad queen is genius plot but there is no story telling behind it. This makes it difficult to enjoy and understand many mistakes in the writing … what are your predictions for the last episode ? I’m almost sure Dany dies … but what about Jon ? He is doing nothing … do you think he will die ?

  7. Her stance is pretty much resonated with people who actually like the show for what it's supposed to be and not just liking it because it seems "cool" at this time. They just threw a lot of stuff out the window

  8. It’s just a total f….. nightmare. They ruined the show. And we learn that a woman can become a war criminal in just seconds when she doesn’t feel right. That is character assassanition.

  9. Checking your phone peak Cleganebowl was when i stopped watching. If you cant be bothered to watch, why should i watch you not watching. Turn the phone off.

  10. I'm genuinely happy you guys could enjoy half the episode. This season has left me absolutely gutted. It's hot garbage imo. The music is great, and the effects are cool, but that's not what made me fall in love with Game of thrones. This is just all flash and no substance, and maybe from another show I could excuse it, but not this one. It's just be a massive disappointment the whole way through for me.

  11. Did she really just say "revenge on Daenerys for what"? Either she wasn't paying attention to the whole episode where Dany went insane and killing thousands of innocents or she thought it was the right thing to do…

  12. No matter how Epic you go…if you break the basic character arcs and storyline that were built all through the years….and finally give us a technically epic episode but a plot and character wise weak episode…then sensible people are bound to get upset. Just because you go big budget doesn't mean common sense goes out of the window……so many abrupt scenes that felt forced and convenient….just coz you have to end it doesn't mean you are allowed to forget all that was built up in the other seasons and just kill characters without logic with such lazy lazy writing. The whole aim itseems was to just finish it all but the writers should have thought of every characters development and journey through the seasons and given us a sensible and logical ending. These deaths and fights we're so convenient….it's like this… imagine in Avengers end game if they had shown us that Iron man finally dies by getting hit by a bus. Would you have accepted it? Nobody would have. The way Iron Man died is so justified based on his arc and the storyline. Whereas here Cercie's death, Jamie's death, Arya's behaviour, so illogical. Gergoy out of the sea at exact place where Jamie is…so convenient….their fight felt so forced and unwanted. Anyways Jamie was to go and get killed by those famous bricks and also Dany never even bothers to go for Cercie, she wants to burn the small houses in kings landing one by one instead that took priority for some reason, Arya reaches red keep then runs away with her tail under because the hound says she'll die. This is so unlike the bad ass…no fear…I know death..night King killer assassin Arya, we know. Infact had Arya continued with the hound, they would met Cercie and group, Clegane could have killed Everyone including the Mountain and when Cercie tried to walk away Arya could have stabbed her in the gut and slit her throat. A much better ending. Jon and his army we're just set props, they could have stayed back in the north itself. Unwanted build up till now.
    This episode could have been much better if they had spent real time on the story arc based on all the story build up till now. They could have avoided the Grejoy and Jamie fight and nothing would have changed.
    Half a dozen unwanted stuff.
    This whole episode was rubbish. It was big budget, great sets, technically great, beautiful shots, big cgi work, but story wise utter convenient no logic nonsense. So disappointing because I loved the show and it's character so much. All seems ruined now.

  13. Everyone has their own opinion but as a book reader too, I disagree with Olivia. I had to separate the book from the show a few years ago so I dont project that onto the show anymore. I do hate the way its ending but have thoroughly enjoyed this season. I think its been epic for the most part albeit it has plot holes. Im just soul crushed on how my favorite character has been "assassinated" already and you know her murder is imminent.

  14. Relatively new to you good people. The disappointed voice about the final season. If the numbers I’m seeing are correct there’s 300’000 want the season redone (Got to be a joke, please let it be a joke) but if it’s correct, that’s 300,000 of 12,480,000 viewers. I’d happily take a 97.5% approval for an episode. I’m liking the season, yes it does feel rushed and some dialogue is less than we expect. But, I get the impression from chatting to folks about the show that the disgruntled people are just unhappy that it’s not turning out the way they predicted. Anywho….what’s your wildest predictions for the final one. Personally, after a few attempts in her life, Danny on the throne and again, kills all that annoys her….looking at you Snow!!!

  15. the Azor thing can still happen.. or it is already happened , Jon brought everybodyfor the battle in winterfell.. , , maybe he didnt kill the night king, but was that in the prophecy ? no..

    and about Jaime, Well Cercei carries his child.. another reason to try to save her..

  16. “I read the books and started watching the show before you!!! My opinion’s more important than yours.”


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