GAME OF THRONES | S08E05 – The Bells | Reaction!


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  1. "Tyrion is the most intelligent" Each and every one of his plans as the queen’s hand was a colossal failure!!!!!!!

  2. This guy with the blue T-shirt has a twin brother you guys look the same he’s channel is called reel reject Are you guys twin brothers..The only difference is that he’s got a little bit longer hair and curly

  3. Dany burn the city to send the msg for Sansa and John, that obey her or die and she is the only one who can sit on the iron throne..

  4. It's not Game of thrones it is game of deaths 👎👎. Started to watch only action TV shows for political drama but all chaos.

  5. Season 8 is completely bullshit And the Worst Season. Well That happens when you run out of Epic Book Content (as the last book is still unfinished) ,stop taking help of George RR Martin for your Final Season And those 2 stupid Hollywood Inspired D&D write the whole season out of their potheads only to completely ruin the GOT series.

  6. C'mon! Arya was told that she would kill Green eyes too!
    Cersei and Dany are Green eyed. With one possibly gone, Arya also after she saw all that massacre Dany did, would kill Dany with maybe Jon's face.
    And Jon might retire to Castle Black as he wished from the start with Sansa taking the throne with Tyrion(her husband) being her hand and Arya being the Lord of North (she also said she couldn't be someone's Lady when proposed)
    All this is bcz the writers said it would be a bitter sweet ending

  7. Is Arya the Azhor Ahai?
    But many said it is Jon snow. But just looking at that only horse standing like it was just for her, made it look like she was the Azhor Ahai?!

  8. I swear Achara confuses the shit out of me. Sometimes she has an American Accent, then she would have and English one, and sometimes it sounds like she even has an Australian one

  9. Rhaegal got shot, flying through the air, from a mile out, behind a mountain, by a ship on open ocean 3 for 3 times. Drogon's broadside was missed by an entire fleet, at almost a stand still from 300 feet away.

  10. Tyrion snitches on his best friend who saved his life, just to turn around and commit treason himself! What a joke. Pure character assassination!

  11. I felt Dany's storyline was a huge pendulum swing but in slow motion. Seven seasons in one direction of liberating people, crushing the wheel (ending slave nations, ending male dominated Dothraki culture), uniting people for a certain goal to get the iron throne and break the wheel. Yet, as the pendulum swing back, there was this goal of having Dany be the Mad Queen based on all the foreshadowing of coin flips, her father the Mad King. But it was so contrived how they did it. Dany had it all, she could have taken Kings landing easily with her full army, 3 dragons and Westerosi allies. Yet….. setback after setback losing her allies like Olenna, Sandnakes, and Yara. Then losing a dragon, then most of the Dothraki, unsullied, Jorah. Then another Dragon and Missandei. Meanwhile she noticed no one loved her. They talked about Jon. They showed Sansa hugging Theon. They showed Starks not warming up to Dany. Jon telling his secret becoming a threat to Dany's claim. Then her advisors Varys and Tyrion going against her. Finally the one last main person (other than Greyworm/army/last dragon) Jon who could have kept her sanity by saying something like he loved her, rather he said his Queen (and nothing above that). She said "Fear". The writers literally chipped away everything Dany cared for, her morals, her children, – made her fall in love only to take that, too and her goal of the iron throne to taken away by a bigger claim in Jon. Doesn't that seem contrived as a way to make it so Dany turns insane, depressed, mad that she just killed innocent people street by street. Push all of Dany's buttons to get this specific result.

  12. 10 ships kill 1 dragon while both on the move.
    100 ships and whole city cant kill one dragon while stationary
    D&D:well we kind of forgot about everything about this show.

  13. danny is no mad queen,she is one of the best actor i ever saw.

    the dumb and dumber are the real mad fucks.

    watch this video:

  14. after so many years and episodes now they r trying to conclude the series too fast…….this is annoying……

  15. The hid her face because they knew they betraying her character just so they force her to something horrific enough to justify her being killed at the hands of whoever is going to kill her in the next episode. They knew showing her face throughout that Slaughter would have eliminated the reality that these actions were not earned in this character's Arc thus far. That's why they hid her face through the whole thing. They're just rushing to the end of the story George RR told them about. Poor execution.

  16. Everytime we face the hard challenges, everytime we feel afraid of putting our own lives before others, everytime we buy a roast chicken from the supermarket, we will always remember your name…

    Sandor Clegane, the man who conquered all his fears at the very end


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