Game of Thrones – 8×5 The Bells [Part 2] – Group Reaction


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Does this moment feel earned or properly built up to? Let us know what you thought about Daenerys the Mad Queen burning thousands of innocent men women and children alive to death. This is The Normies reaction to Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones – The Bells! Part 2!

Hopefully you at least enjoy Ghost’s therapy Direwolf session for the skit!

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  1. God, I despise your blind loyalty to Dany as if her being the mad queen was never foreshadowed with all the threats she gave to the cities in Essos. She literally screamed "I will lay waste to cities" every season and you guys are still surprised? Smfh.

  2. You know I was more angry with Jamie Lannister throwing away his redemption arc to go back to Cersi then Dany burning that shit down

  3. Dany going mad didn't ruin her whole character arc. She was always going to be this, the stallion that mounts the world. The showrunners didn't do a great job of showing the progression of this but this was always going to be the end result.

  4. I’m with Marketa. “This is so fucking stupid” 🤦‍♀️ and Chris: “I think I hate them” 🤣 “but this time things are about to get personal” 😆 👍. And yes Pat; “that’s cuz it was bad writing”

  5. Mickey is sitting there patiently holding his hand up trying to get everyone’s attention so he can say something, and NOBODY says, “hey guys, Mickey has been waiting, shut up so he can talk”. As someone who gets talked over no matter how loud I shout, I experienced a lot of second hand anger. Also I hate this episode. Dany always ruthlessly killed people who abused their power or wronged her, but she never killed innocent people until this episode. That’s what came out of nowhere and made no sense.

  6. I will always agree with the fact that Dany's madness was something unavoidable. That was never a bad decision. What WAS done awful was the way they fleshed out the rest of her character arc. Even just two more episodes in the season would've been enough to give more story. The season still wouldn't have been great, but a bit more passable.

  7. I don't get how everyone is shocked that she turns into the mad queen… Its been so obvious and foreshadowed from pretty much the beginning… It had to happen… Especially after losing everyone who has been by her side for a long time… Varys was the most underrated and under appricated characters in the show.. He wanted What was best.. He picked up on the mad queen vibe in the last episode when everyone was celebrating… He knew something was up with her and Jon snow before it was mentioned…

  8. Mad Queen Danaerys is an amazing concept.. too bad they botched it bad, I see Dany haters hating on Dany lovers for "not seeing this" but as someone who never cared for Dany I dont see how you can make a good case for her turn this episode.. it was bad writing plain and simple, let's not go out of our way to justify it.. it just looks to me like Dany haters finally have something to point and see "SEE!! WE WERRE RIGHT!!1!" and its blinding them of the reality of the situation..

  9. Hey when the bell rings that also when the mad King was killed in King landing so she was mad and her friend was killed and the dragon yeah

  10. Pat, if Jon is half Targrayen, then Robb is half Stark. Jon is a Targrayen the same way Robb is a Stark. Targrayen / Stark as a father

  11. 19:20 I’m spamming but this is why people “hate” season 8 game of thrones isn’t about the action it’s about the meaning… if you can’t appreciate Jamie “chocking” the life out of Cersei (stopping her from escaping/living on) while the thing she fought for so fearsomely comes crashing down around her taking the only person she lives with her, I don’t know what to tell you

  12. I think those two writers did this whole 8th season as a personal "fuck you " to George Martin for maybe ending the series? ????!!!….what he George should do…is redoe this season 8 over…(who wouldn't watch it????)

  13. The first scene I ever saw of game of thrones was Daenerys freeing the Unsullied. It was all the clips of that episode, I thought she was so badass. I watched game of thrones for her really. The first impression really stuck. I didn’t want to see the mad queen arc coming and I denied it right up to episode 4 season 8 because I could see it coming then I just stopped watching. I knew what happened, everyone knew but I avoided all YouTube clips. It took me a year to rewatch the show. I was surprised that I really loved the Starks and watching Daenerys’ arc it’s chilling that I could see it happening. How did I not realize?

  14. As much as I don't like Dany becoming bad so suddenly, you can't say "how could she be that angry for 15 minutes". She's lost one of her best friends, one of her dragons, lots of her people, Mormont, Jon Snow's love, and ringing a bell didn't compensate for it in her mind.

  15. Killing innocents? Question… Did america stop to think should they drop them bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki?… Yes.. And still did.. Dany stopped and thought to finish them also lol. Idk why ppl act like its surprising. This a show. Ww2 wasnt….. Also ever heard of sherman Tecumseh. Total war. Ends things quickly.

  16. One of the great episodes of the series! The turning of Dany was briljant, although long in the making of course. The mad king wanted to burn everything down to defend the city, Dany burns everything while she invades it. Jamie and Cercei dying together, they could not get past their primordial instincts. The hound pushing his brother into fire and he himself dying in fire. Just great arcs all around.


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