Game of Thrones – 8×5 The Bells [Part 1] – Group Reaction


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Does this moment feel earned or properly built up to? Let us know what you thought about Daenerys the Mad Queen burning thousands of innocent men women and children alive to death. This is The Normies reaction to Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones – The Bells! Part 1!

Hopefully you at least enjoy Ghost’s therapy Direwolf session for the skit!

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  1. Sansa Stark the most hated charatcter in the show :
    – She was right about not to trust Ramsay, Jon didnt listen to her = he fell into his Trapp ;
    -she was right not to trust Cersei, still Jon and Dany go to kingslanding to be fooled by Cersei;
    -she was right about Tyrant impulsives of Dany, finds out her true intentions playng the game of throne = Dany destroyed the city.

  2. Just imagine if she went to take the throne as soon as she got to Westeros. 3 dragons and like 2 huge armies together that’s an easy dub

  3. I've always wanted stannis to be the king… He's the only one who acted like a king 👑
    The true king of the 7 kingdoms

  4. I hate the fact that they chose Jon over Danny just because they knew that Jon is a Targaryen there were no reason that Danny was a bad person doesn’t make any sense, it’s just sad😔

  5. I swear Rana is the only one in this group with any sense. Definitely a lot more than the one still making excuses for Dani.

  6. Man you guys are so forgiving of this crappy writing it's sad to watch the mental gymnastics to be okay with an entire army of Donthraki and Unsullied being wiped out in one episode where you are gasping in horror. Then this episode you're bouncing in your seats like little kids because they respawned 1/2 the armies with zero explanation? Must be nice to be so flexible.

  7. dany i still love you,,, the writing really ruined her i would be fine if dany turned from hero to a villain except it was rushed smh,,, as a character she deserved better

  8. You guys expect him not release his brother though…. would you all really leave your brother to die? I’d gamble my life to save my brother.. I know that

  9. Suraj has to look it up before it aired or something if y’all didn’t watch this right when it came out. He’s literally “guessed” a lot of what has happened. Not even possible

  10. You know there's no time limit on fair use, right? You probably shouldn't show the whole episode without edits of course, but you don't have to keep clips under a certain amount of time or show anything on the screen.

  11. "I like that Dany is doing like, a targeted attack and not just burning everything down" Oh, my sweet summer child.

  12. Why on earth would you think Jamie was intending to kill Cersei? That's so bizarre and totally contrary to everything we know about his addiction to that toxic relationship. It makes sense on no level – why would he travel into a dangerous warzone to kill someone who was going to die anyway? I've seen many people have had the same notion, but none of them have given any rationale for such a belief – aside from those who base it on a prophecy in the books that was never part of the TV show.

  13. Dorne didn't pledge allegiance to Cersei. It's mentioned a new prince has taken control but they aren't involved in this battle

  14. Hey guys, wanted to let you all know about this new GoT reactor I found on YouTube. Her name is Tofu and she is funny and unique, check out her first season 1 reaction here:

  15. I was mocking Dany fans. My apologies. Let me take it back. I actually feel bad that the writers ruined her. If she was going to turn evil, at least make her do something bad leading up to it.

    Two episodes prior, she was helping Winterfell. For humanity. For some reason, she knew how to fight alongside of Jorah. SMH. 🤦🏻‍♂️. Then she's celebrating and drinking Starbucks. After that, she decides to burn a city? WHUT? Within two episodes?

    David Benioff should just F-off. He and Dan ruined such a great show. It's not just Dany. They ruined alot of characters and story arcs. I don't even look forward to the finale that much. And I don't care about their Star Wars…

    Who is the antagonist now in GoT? Dany? From heroine to villain within two episodes? My favorite character, Bronn, went from Lannister savior to Lannister extortionist within 4 minutes. That's how dumb these characters have gotten.

    So for any Dany fans who were offended by me mocking you, my apologies. Dumb & Dumber ruined Dany like Rian Johnson ruined Luke Skywalker! I never liked Dany and never will. But I understand your pain, Dany fans.

    For something a little bit more positive, here's the best tribute to the best character of Game of Thrones…

    Ser Jaime Lannister

  16. This is the second woman crying about the horses in reaction videos. Sure, there are millions of people burning alive but oh nooo, the horsies!!!111

  17. I understand Varys's point of view but I also understand Daenarys's point of view. I understand why she did what she did. I feel like Jon is selfish. I feel like Daenarys is no thinking straight.


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