Game of Thrones 8×5 REACTION!! "The Bells"


Eric Shane Calvin Melanie and Aaron react to and discuss Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones – The Bells

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  1. Patrons who hold the FULL LENGTH Tier can watch the Full Length Reaction to this episode HERE:×05-full/

    Get your own "Blind Wave Is Coming" T-shirt HERE:

  2. The difference between where Danaerys was and where she is now is that earlier on she had people with her who directed her murderous urges into specific "acceptable" directions. She was never heroic or merciful by nature; she was obsessed with the throne, and convinced that her destiny was to rule and to be better than everyone else. Once she lost or stopped trusting those closest to her, there was no chance that she would not yield to the worst aspects of herself.

    Also, note that at no point in the buildup to the battle of King's Landing did Danaerys agree to end the onslaught when the city surrendered. She did not agree that the ringing of the bells would mean an end to hostilities. Tyrion, Varys, and her advisers kept harping on it, but in the end, she did not give any assent to that, or say anything; she nodded to Greyworm, as if confirming something she had discussed with HIM.

  3. Danaerys has always been crazy. The huge amount of murder under her name shows that already. The only thing different now is: before you rooted for her killing off those people because they were not innocent. Now she killed innocents.
    Tbh I expected this to happen. The mad king has been talked about so much, how the gods would flip a coin every time a Targaryan was born.
    The only problem is, the change was too sudden. Yeah, her entire story has been about killing basically, and in S8 she's done a lot of that as well like Sam's family and such, but knowing that King's Landing has surrendered and then still killing everyone… that should've had a better buildup
    But we all know S8 was rushed due to D&D being set to make a Star Wars movie, which then got cancelled too so we got fucked on both ends 😀

  4. I still dont see how people dont see Danny's flip. It was foreshadowed since season 7. The first war meeting she says "I didnt come here to be queen of the ashes" and Olenna was like "Ha, no. Be a dragon." And then things start to go sideways and you see her colors come out. The Tarly's dont bend the knee, so she kills them. Her first Dragon dies and she sees the army of the Undead, the man she loves almost dies, and so now she has to completely shift from her goal. THEN she finds out that the man she loves is not only related to her, but has a better claim to the throne, on top of that it should have been a MAJOR tipoff that she still wanted to be with him even though they are related. On top of that she sees that the people LOVE Jon. They chose to follow HIM not her. They like her because she has dragons and helped defeat the white walkers. She has one of her most trusted advisors die in her defense, and then one of her other advisors turn against her. And her most trusted female confidants and advisors is decapitated in front of her, and with her last breath she says essentially "Burn them all"

    I can understand how it feels rushed because her storyline has been so disconnected throughout the season. But look back and think how many times you have asked yourself "Why are you doing this Danny?" Its all there, at least for me.

  5. I think dany burning the entire city to the ground is somethint that was meant to be. You know they woke up a dragon

  6. Spoiler for The Imitation Game – the movie.

    After they broke Enigma, they found out the next target of the german army. And they decided not to engage because then the germans would have realized that their communication method was hacked – and the war would have continued. So they've sacrificed some innocents for the ultimate goal of ending the war.
    Dany did the same thing. She sacrificed the innocent (stupid / free – not slaves) people of KL who decided to shield Cersei with their innocence, so that in the future, innocence will never be used as a weapon in a war anymore.
    If she had only attacked the Red Keep (or only the military targets – like in the beginning), than her mercy for the innocent would have remained her weakness, displayed in plain sight.
    That's Dany's conflict, I'm not happy how it was executed or explained. But I get the idea. The idea is great (and I'm sure it's from George). Of course all those who don't understand this call her MAD. That's very common… when a person is misunderstood that person is often called MAD. "Smash the beetles, Smash 'em! kuh! kuh! kuh!"

  7. With the way the Red Keep just crumbles, one has to wonder how f*cking solid Harrenhal was built to stand long enough in the dragonfire to "only" melt.

  8. Terion and Jamie hugging was great.
    Sandor and Arya was great.
    Cleganebowl was awesome.
    Acting was great.
    The visuals were amazing.
    Everything else was bad.

  9. I honestly love this episode, I couldn't think of any better way for any of the storylines to go for me lol. I'm just a sucker for poetic tragedy. I get why a lot of people hate it though, but my issues with this season mostly came in the next episode and the fact that it was fairly rushed. Really should have gone for another 1 or 2 episodes but I've even come to terms with Ayra coming from thin air to kill the Night King, I've just got issues with Bran and fake out deaths against all odds from the Long Night now

  10. 37:02 He's talking about the scene with Edmure outside Riverrun in season 6. Shane is right here with his example

  11. I think there were a lot of moments leading up to Dany's demise that are very telling that she would become the Mad Queen. She was always ruthless and rarely showed mercy. And I think the loss of Jorah, Missandei, and two of her dragons as well as Jon's claim to the throne really pushed her over the edge. I do think it is out of character for her to kill so many innocents though. I wish she would've flown straight to the Red Keep to end it with Cersei instead of taking it out on all of King's Landing.

  12. "She lost 2 of her children"

    Calvin addressing Viserion and Rhaegal as Dany's children, not just dragons. RESPECT, MAD RESPECT.

  13. Something that i think about quite a lot after this season is that shot of Dany in Mereen from season 5(?) with her looking out at the city with the Targ flag in the back and smiling… while you can hear the screaming from the slave masters pinned to posts. As if we needed any more red flags for her being a tyrant.

  14. Danny's turn is because she feels like she's alone. She lost jorah, she lost missandei and she feels like she was betrayed by Jon and tyrian. To be honest her heel turn was coming

  15. I think that, although it felt like it came out of nowhere, dany s madness was hinted in the last seasons. Her obsession for the iron throne grew and when she lost rhaegal and missandei, she took the final decision to burn kings landing

  16. I started watching Game of Thrones for the first time from the beginning after watching this reaction, so through all 7 prior seasons I had the images of all the events of this episode in my mind. No matter what Dany did before, she would raze King's Landing; Jaime and Cersei would die in each other's arms beneath the Red Keep; Sandor would die killing his brother. That probably coloured my view, but having just watched the episode, I took no issue with those character choices. In fact, following those character's choices all throughout the series, I fully bought that each did what they did. Daenerys's whole story in GoT, for me, is a story of someone who has violence inherently in her heart trying to climb over it to become the ruler she believes she is destined to be. She always fails. Her entire story is a conga line of death and misery that forces her Targaryen flame out: enjoying her brother's murder in Vaes Dothrak, however much of a cunt he may have been; trapping Xaro and her former helper in the vault in Qarth; crucifying the masters of Meereen, and later feeding the survivors to her dragons; burning all of the khals in the Dosh Khaleen. Even her seeing her dragons, the medieval equivalent of weapons of mass destruction, as her children. At the very last, on the cusp of winning the throne that was 'rightfully' hers, she loses it again. Similarly with Jaime, his is not, to me, a story of a bad man becoming good, but rather a story of a bad man with goodness inside him being unable to overcome his badness. He comes close when in the company of Brienne, but King's Landing brings the man of Season 1 back. I appreciate, though, that there are failings this episode, and this whole season, but I don't think it is even remotely as bad as the outcry against it would suggest.

    (I also think it's entirely coincidental that the bells of surrender are ringing when Dany makes her split-second decision to raze the city. She can see the former seat of her family's power, a symbol of all that was taken from her, and after all the trauma she's suffered over the past two seasons and more – losing Viserion and Rhaegal, Jorah, Missandei, Daario – and with the threat to her 'destined' rule in Aegon 'Jon Snow' Targaryen, she loses it and decides on vengeance.)

  17. This episode was so bad its no even funny. A 21 century CNN war documentary. Ballista a.k.a. laser- cannon-that-dont-need-stabilization-on-water now cant hit a dragon, Dany can dodge but somehow cant use the ISS perspective, Drogon has a dark souls stamina build, Arya the-red-cross- in-Uganda will chicken uk and run on a white horse hologram, Summer-chill-out mix-2019-ibiza-beach-relaxing fight was sloppy, Schwarzeneggers everything-is-reps-reps-reps zombie vs under-16-but-with-blind-flowers its to Highlander , Cerseis hand of the queen death a.k.a. necromancer-early-access-no-road-map hit by a stone was flowers as well. Story of a man watching his granddaughter heaving an anaphylactic shock in a field of flowers

  18. About Jaime. While he's grown a lot since season 1, he's never overcome his one, defining character flaw: He'll do – anything – for Cerci. That's what he's saying to Brianne. He knows Cerci's a monster. He's done terrible things, knowing exactly how wrong they were, all for her. And he knows he'll do them again, making him just as much a monster. They're both hateful, in the older usage of the word: "someone who deserves to be hated"

  19. What are these people talking about. Dani was narcissistic, capricious and arrogant from the very start. This is perfectly in keeping with her character, once she felt jilted. Watch out for narcissistic, jilted women with dragons.

  20. Jaime still loving Cersein doesn't mean he didn't change. What did he do for that love in season 1? Threw a child out of a tower window. What did he do for that love in 8.5? Risked his life to save his unborn baby. There is a BIG difference in the inner workings of his motivations.

  21. Daenerys was violating the Geneva Convention years ago, and she was insulted that the Meereen people didn't praise her for executing one of their own (go watch the scene were she kills the young man who murdered the Son of the Harpy; when they started hissing at her, she was so sure she was right that her facial expression is like they slapped her in the face). This was always who she was going to be without people directing her away from her most terrible impulses. Hell, she got talked out of burning THREE count em THREE cities to the ground in season 6 and 7 (Yunkai, Astapor, and King's Landing… of course that last one didn't age well).

  22. Daenerys isn't really mad. She's just an egomaniac with a messiah complex who realizes that she won't be able to rule without fear on her side. And also her best friends all got killed.

  23. Jaime, Sandor, Daenerys all had wonderfully tragic and ironic endings. People who hate those endings just simply suck.

  24. That bottle of Cardhu is awesome, wish I knew they were releasing it for the series end, I would have bought a couple of bottles.

  25. Damn Eric likes everything like EVERYTHING so the fact he doesn’t buy Daenerys flip means the GoT writers really messed up


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