Game Grumps – Goof Troop – Best Moments


Other compilations:

0:05-4:18 – Episode 1: Bloopy Shit

4:19-8:42 – Episode 2: Usurping?!

8:43-13:12 – Episode 3: A Perplexing Puzzle

13:13-19:02 – Episode 4: Sassy Scimitars

19:03-20:48 – Episode 5: Tongue in cheek

20:49-22:56 – Episode 6: You like the Zelda

22:57-29:03 – Episode 7: Identity Crisis

29:04-33:01 – Episode 8: Legit Grumpy

33:02-36:19 – Episode 9: Pirate Panic

36:20-40:40 – Episode 10: Jon is Helping

40:41-44:57 – Episode 11: The Treasure Room

44:58-50:50 – Episode 12: THE FINALE


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  1. I was really into whatever they were singing but tried to forget it after hearing Jon saying "AND I WATCH YOU WHEN YOU SLEEP"

  2. to this day, im still trying to find the part where jon songs "i sing a song, then i take a poo!"
    (edit: nvm i found it at 29:29)

  3. I kinda found a small channel that reminds me of old grumps if anyone's interested check them out

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  5. 'gee i wonder if reese's pieces peanut butter puffs candy for breakfast?'

    the line that made me lose my shit while watching this series on wii u in the middle of the night while i was sleeping in the living room.

  6. I adore this playthrough; This was the game that introduced me to Game Grumps and 3:20 is the joke that sold me.. I still laugh at it to this day…..


  7. 21:16 – I fucking love this so much xD

    Jon: "I love how the enemies in this game are totally fucking unfair, and bullshit…"
    Arin: STFU! throws barrel

  8. ok xD 34:18 where Jon says "We fuck up it is your fault this is Bullshit" think of Max say that to Goofy but just as Jon and Arin as it is said and he points at him xD


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