Emulation On PSP / Playability Guide


Taking a look at the PSP’s emulative capabilities.

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Unfortunately due to the ridiculous algorithm, linking externally from YouTube can affect my video’s performance. If you want to download the emulators seen in the video, try googling them, you should find the results quite easily. For convenience, here are the names of each emulator:

Game & Watch / Retro Handhelds = MadrigalPSP
Atari 2600 = PSP2600 (Stella Ported by Zx-81)
Magnavox Odyssey 2: emuODD 1.0 / Odyssey emulator 1.0
Atari 800/8-Bit = Atari800 PSP
Intellivision = PSPInt 1.1.0
ColecoVision = ColEm PSP 2.6.1
Atari 5200 = Atari800 PSP
Vectrex = VecX (Ported by Zx-81)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum = Fuse PSP
Commodore 64 = VICE PSP C64 2.2.15
SEGA SG-1000 = SMS Plus PSP 1.5
Nintendo (NES) / Famicom = NesterJ Plus 0.61 RM
MSX = MSX for PSP v3.5.41
Commodore Amiga = PSPUAE 0.72
Atari 7800 = PSP7800 v1.2.0fw5x
SEGA Master System = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine = PSP HUGO 1.3.1 fw5x
Sharp X68000 = PX68K for PSP v0.10
SEGA Genesis + SEGA CD = PicoDrive v1.51
SEGA 32X = PicoDrive v1.92.3
Capcom Play System 1/2 = CPS(1 or 2)PSP 2.3.1 for FW 3.xx
Game Boy = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
Atari Lynx = Handy PSP 0.95.1
NEO GEO AES = NEOGEO Emulator for PSP 2.3.1
NEO GEO CD = NCDZPSP 2.2.1 [Ad Hoc]
SEGA Game Gear = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
Super Nintendo / Super Famicom = Snes9xTYLme Mod 180404
Disk Operating System (DOS) = DOSBox for PSP
( ^ DOSBox Navigator 1.51 for easier selections ^ )
Specific DOS Games (Not Emulation) = ScummVM 1.1.1
M.A.M.E. = Mame4All PSP v4.9r2
Atari Jaguar = PJAG v0.0001
SEGA Saturn = yabause-0.9.1
Nintendo 64 = DaedalusX64 1.1.6
Game Boy Color = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
NEO GEO Pocket Color = RACE! PSP 2.16
Game Boy Advance = TempGBA mod
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) = PSPKVM 0.5.5
Nintendo DS = DSonPSP Beta

Background Music:
Lavatron 3 – Ribbit King OST
Credits – Sonic 3 OST
Brazilian Music – Rayman Raving Rabbids OST
Carnival Night Zone – Sonic 3 OST
Shantae: Half Genie Hero OST (Various)
Carnival Night Zone (Act 3 Remix) – Yuzoboy

Theme I have installed is called: kara_no_kyoukai_660.ctf

Gibraltar Interior Footage:

Gibraltar Demolition:

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  1. Be sure to check out my follow-up video where I look at PSP homebrew!

  2. Hi FrameRater, I have a problem with Sega CD Games on PicoDrive for PSP. I was using the 1.51 version which is the best version for playing Sega CD Games. The problem that I encountered was that even I do have these MP3s files along with the .iso file, there was an error that it says: mp3 init failed. code 80020146. I don't know what to do to fix it and I don't want to play Sega CD Games without the music like Sonic CD for example as well. Is it there a way to fix it? I was hoping to play Sega CD Games including Sonic CD with music. Please Comment Me Soon. See You Later.

  3. This is the most important hacking guide video on psp, how long did it take you to prepare make this video?? Awesome job RESPECT

  4. gemp/Homer's RIN is a better GBC emulator. It runs the games much better, looks nicer, and has a working internal clock (useful for games like Pokemon)

  5. I really appreciate the time you took to give us the knowledge you did in this video! Much respect & thanks sir. Please keep up the good work. ✌🏾

  6. I run every kind of emulator on my psp street and they all work great except for Daedalus for the N64, it lags and it makes the psp crash often

  7. What’s sad is that the psp is probably a lot more capable on emulating some of these systems and games, but the emulators weren’t supported long enough

  8. Id imagine you saw the gba less than the gbasp cause the latter is very decent imo lul. Then again i had 2 different ones that the triggers died or were dying.

  9. You don't have to download games for these systems there are many ways to rip most of them that are pritty easy to get to

  10. 27:27 you can download an expansion for the sound since some games support genesis style audio,same for the sega master system,there's an fm sound expansion,look into that

  11. The playstation 3 cant emulate the n64. However. What if we used the playstation 3 psp option with webman. Use the n64 emulator for psp on ps3. Would the game run faster?

  12. You mentioned that you never saw a classic GBA after the SP came out, which I find funny because my coworker brought his classic GBA to work to play on his break not long ago

  13. I'm referring to the bit about "save-states" on the PSP Go at 1:16:26 , and I'm not sure anyone else has mentioned it (and I'm too lazy to check), but the reason that Sony didn't, was because, for one, they probably couldn't do it easily. I think it's because of the internal storage. Savestates take up space and it would be easier for Sony to implement a feature on devices that more or less have the same amount of built-in storage. I think that implementing the feature would cause compatibility issues of some sort, like problems with users swapping out memory cards or something. This is the only reason I can think of.


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