EarthBound – 47- Fourside Dept. Store


*Read description first*

The Dept. Store is the biggest store in EagleLand. Equip yourself with the best there is BEFORE leaving the store. Literally.

Just don’t give anything to Paula in particular because…

Key Notes:
– Just to avoid spoiling things in the best possible manner I can use here which will surely be short-lived anyway, after you try leaving the store, the enemies will just be brutal to deal with. Eliminate those scalding cups of coffee.

Main Tasks:
1) Shop like crazy
2) Go back up and try not to scream like crazy
3) Go into the boss’s office, beat the monster, and try to imagine he’s crazy
4) Leave the store and head for the cafe in the city…the first which seems crazy.

Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.


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  1. What the fuck? The power goes out and everyone just phases out? And than the store attacks you? Seems like a damn good X-file.


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