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There’s a creepy rumour following the 1989 game Taboo: the Sixth Sense around, and I’ve been fascinated by it. So I thought I’d share it with you.

Developed by Rare, it’s probably one of the worst games in their roster. Ever. Although it barely passes as a game.

No offence is meant to anybody who believes in the divination power of tarot cards. This video is just meant to be taking the mick out of the game.

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  1. I like this, but it's distracting with your teleprompter to the side, like you're attempting looking through the fourth wall but just glancing to the side of it 🙂

  2. Ummm – Just kinda' curious how you're doin' Ms. Octav1us. I just recently discovered your channel, and I did see that you have some vids goin' over the fact that you have your ups and yourr downs, and I know that this is a particularly shitty point for humanity overall, but I was just wondering if you wanted to share at all. I found your channel largely because I fell in love with VR and stumbled across your Jaguar VR episode, and have just kinda' watched your stuff here-and-there as it's randomly landed in my recommendations.

    But, if you don't feel like responding to this, don't feel obligated to do so. I'm just gonna' say: Sometimes making an out-of-character video 'bout yer feels can be therapeutic, and possibly working on a video you maybe had intended to do eventually might also take your mind off things. Ultimately, though – Reflect on it and make your own decision in that regard. If you think not bothering with this is better for you, then do exactly that. But, I just figured I'd see how you're faring since I've had my fair share of You Tubers I've followed just disappear without explanation, and I always try to get into contact with them to see if I can figure out what happened.

    Either way, I'll stay subbed, and I'd imagine a majority of the people who are will too – Whenever you do get around to either responding to this, or posting a video, I'll be around to see whatcha' come up with, whether it be tomorrow or a few months from now. Anywho – Hope you're doing well, and try to stay positive. Also, try not to let the stigma that it's not okay to be a bit scared at times like these – I talk to alotta' people and it's pretty annoying that apparently we're not supposed to show that we're unsure about shit right now but, it is what it is. So, 'til next time…

  3. I wonder what would happen if you scanned the barcode of Taboo into the Barcode Battler!?!?
    You should do a video on that!

  4. Hooray! Welcome back! I'm loving the new style and look of the videos and I like how you went in-depth about the history of the cards. Bravo!

  5. I support Taboo and use it to select lottery numbers and have become poly-amorous so yeah this had some influence on my life.

  6. Is it nerdy that I've actually played Taboo at a party? As a standalone game it isn't good, but as an oddity left for someone to discover on an emulator at a party gaming session it could be fun. Ok maybe not for huge parties, but late night hanging with friends playing retro games, it does work as a nice break and usually your friends will do the interpreting for you. The odd language I think actually derives from slightly atlering the meaning with placement and to save space as only a certain number of words have to be brought up for each card. It's not a game, but definitely fun to pull out for those friends that don't know it's an actual thing. The visuals and the music help tons. It would actually be cool to see somone actually update this version with better text and maybe actual card scans, but definitely keep the music.

  7. well done 4 beating copyright u deserve every view in fact iv watched it twice to give u an extra one (only joking im not that sad)

  8. This video was uploaded on my birthday lol. Friday the 13th was the day before it too and yep it was an awful day for me…I was struck by a vehicle while walking from the grocery store, unfortunately the gallon of milk didn't survive.

  9. And what a weird "game" idea this one was. After all, anyone seriously into Tarot card reading would most likely have never even bothered with buying something like this. And while the allure of seeing what this is all about to the casual is definitely there…this "game" does nothing to actually teach about the actual act of reading Tarot cards. Then, there is the price. You had to have an NES (and TV) in advance before dropping money on this cart. I got to believe that it probably wasn't a budget game, either. (Though, I would suspect the majority of sales came from drop bins, marked between $19.99 to $4.99.) Which certainly made acquiring some budget physical cards a far more appealing option. (As I understand it, there are decks that do go for a lot of money. But…there's probably lots of playing card grade decks that didn't.) It's best opportunity would have been to include a teaching mode. But…nope. You hunt and peck your question in with a few other data bits that probably don't mean a thing…and the game shuffles and pulls out a few cards with a vague paragraph of meaning. What does it all mean? You got to know Tarot to truly grasp all this to begin with. All wrapped up with your lucky lottery numbers. So…who was this game meant for? The curiously wealthy fool. I suppose.

    I'd seriously put more faith into a program I had once built as a practice in programming. Anyhow…I asked it to give me the winning lottery numbers. After a long time of crunching away…it produced this as the result: 'DONOTPLAY'. Those…sure don't look like numbers to me.

  10. WARNING: This game is for the debilitatingly gullible. If used seriously within groups of educated people, this game can lead to sarcasm, mockery or abuse.
    For best effect, use with crystals, reiki and homeopathy as practitioners will believe anything.
    May cause stupidity and loss of friends.

  11. I had this dream about being trapped in a depressing council estate and running away from some unidentified authority then I remembered how Bilbo hid under his cloak in that film so I did that then woke up and I was in a depressing council estate lying under a really itchy blanket and there were loads of sirens everywhere. At this point I'm not sure if I'm awake asleep at any given time. If I were a youngster I would probably rub one out to the lady in Y's for Master System. I don't mean the naked child on the intro screen but the in game sprite for the women with blonde hair. Not the brown haired one, the blonde one.

    Rare made like 80 games on the NES so you have to give them a break for making weird sh*t sometimes. They needed space to explore.

    PS. Maybe the brown haired one too…

    PPS. What is your personalised lucky number?

  12. So glad you're back, and pineapple is delicious on pizza. You get sweet, savory and salty all together in a lovely combination.

  13. Good to see you back again. You should check out this lass called SalBerry. Shes a standard northern sweary nutter, but she is funny. Unfortunately she stopped doing YT because she struggled to keep it going with low subs.

  14. As someone who is way too geeky about tarot decks, this video really spoke to me. May your 2020 be one of the upright Chariot. Giving you determination, willpower, and delicious spaghetti.

  15. Good to know that Sharon from Accounts is still canon in the Octavius Extended Universe. Guess she wasn't a trademarked character.

  16. If people can put little stinky fish on their pizza, then pineapple shouldn't be a problem. Plus, I like pineapples. ~shrugs~

  17. Tarot and horror scopes have a lot in common. The explanations are so vague that you will only attach any significance to them after the event. So a way of predicting the future can only be understood once the future becomes the past. Ouch me head.😀 the old favourite, going further back in time, was to consult the oracle at Delphi; good luck trying to make any sense of your fortune there. Oh yeah, like the new look 👍👍👍👍


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