Chicano Style – Không chỉ là sở thích, là đam mê mà nó là 1 văn hoá.


Chicano Style – Không chỉ là sở thích, là đam mê mà nó là 1 văn hoá.
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Liem Barber Shop is a Chicano-style barber shop in Vietnam. At Liem Barber Shop, we focus is on a complete experience. When customers visit our shop, they not only get a haircut, but a very unique experience as well. In doing so, we want to highlight the relationship between the raw nature, produce and our cultural history.


• 51 Dang Dung, Ward Tan Binh, District 1.
• 2/45 Cao Thang, Ward 5, District 3.
• 79 Nguyen Son Ha, Ward 5, District 3.
• 646J Nguyen Trai, Ward 11, District 5.
• 303 Hau Giang, Ward 5, District 6.
• 108 Duong So 9, Ward Tan Phu, District 7.
• 7 Pham Hung, Ward 9, District 8.
• 594 Bis Ba Hat, Ward 6, District 10.
­­­­• 11 Cu Xa 47, Trinh Dinh Trong, District 11.
• 6 Nguyen Ba Tong, Ward 11, Tan Binh District .
• 1362 Le Duc Tho, Ward 13, Go Vap District.
• 15 Duong So 1, Khu 301, Linh Tay Ward, Thu Duc District.

• 21 Ngo 3B, Dang Thai Than, Phan Chau Trinh Ward, Hoan Kiem District.
• 825 De La Thanh, Ba Dinh Ward.

• 11 Nguyen Ai Quoc, Tan Phong Ward.

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• Chicano in Saigon:

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  1. every one whos chicano that gives credit to this culture vulture is a slave to his own ignorance there making money of our culture with out paying for it

  2. oviously your making so much money from our culture your in it for the money culture vulture just like all the races want to steal our culture an pass it as your own with out paying for what you stole

  3. đm may dân hải phòng mà nhìn thấy liêm mà sợ à ng ta cắt tóc chứ lam gi đâu ma sợ. mất chết hp

  4. Cái thành công nhất của một ông chủ đó là làm cho nhân viên của mình đam mê công việc không coi trọng tiền bạc , để tiền vào hết túi mình….. :))

  5. How strange, chicano culture are almost always associated with gang violence and street parties. Yet these dudes portray a more peaceful culture, except the look though.

  6. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS… and a Motec system and exhaust.

  7. This is more embarrassing than white people with dreadlocks or weaboos denouncing their own culture. I think I saw some dipshit with an LA face tattoo in another video. These idiots have no idea what they're imitating, at least rep your own culture with a SG for Saigon or something. Just a bunch of lost posers trying to fit in and ending up looking like an inferior knock off. Jesus Christ

  8. As long as you know who are The Originators I guess there's nothing wrong, just like the black guys with lowriders. Free world.


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