Moaning Myrtle… you look… different…

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  1. nostalgia 100, miss when Markimoo made a lot of weird swears, he still does in his own way but not the same way as these times

  2. Markiplier, the game has been updated, including a full version. The wiki mentions the full version came on 2016.
    Time for more NOSTALGIA!

  3. I think they removed game shed from the internet cause the link for this game in the description of this video takes me to an ad that says sorry this website can't be found. but it used to actually take to game shed and I used to actually be able to play this game when I used the link in this videos description before.

  4. "..or do they?"
    "What can go wrong?"
    "I cant be killed in the shower?"
    "Its damp and I think I can ram it open if I try a couple times?"
    Ah yes. All classics. Why dont we add
    "That's what she said?"

  5. 2019 Anyone? Oh and also it was nice for that voice for telling Mark to go down and give us instructions on how to avoid that lady lmao

  6. This game is fantastic! When she says come downstairs in the baby monitor, that was the most horrifying thing I’ve EVER experienced 😭😭As soon as he picked it up I immediately thought of Insidious and I knew this game was going to be scary 😂😂


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